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EBF baby poo suddenly smells horrible- is this normal before weaning?

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yoey Thu 18-Aug-11 21:43:17

My dd2 is now 3 months old (15 weeks tomorrow) and is ebf, she feeds a lot as I am hopeless about routine.
In the past 5 days or so she has gone from 3 outrageously huge poos per day (goes up the back of the nappy and down the other side) to one manageably large poo every other day.
Today the poo is much smaller in quantity and smells awful, like bad cheese. She doesn't seem unhappy or hot, she is weeing then same amount and the colour of the poo remains unchanged. She is very very keen on chewing, fists in mouth and anyone else's finger if she can get hold, which basically is mine (I'm careful about hygiene) but also her 3 year old sister's.
Could this be the problem? Is the smell indicative of a problem? Or should I stop guessing and just see the gp? Thank you for your advice.

bilblio Thu 18-Aug-11 21:55:27

Chewing lots and funny poos... she could be teething.
Are her cheeks red?

Alternatively have you eaten anything out of the ordinary?

yoey Thu 18-Aug-11 22:07:55

I wondered about teething as she is very, very keen on chewing (e.g. tries to grab my hands when I'm doing up her baby grow), but I can't feel anything on her gums. Her cheeks aren't red and she doesn't dribble to the extent that I recall a teething baby does. I don't know if they'd be the same but my dd1 chewed from about 4 months but no teeth until 9 months! I haven't eaten anything different except yesterday I am embarrassed to admit that I ate 2 yes 2 bags of paprika flavoured crisps for lunch.

BertieBotts Thu 18-Aug-11 22:11:30

It's more likely to be teething. Doesn't mean that teeth are imminent - you can get teething symptoms for months before the teeth pop out, they must be rumbling away in there.

bilblio Thu 18-Aug-11 22:29:23

Some babies aren't dribbly, my DD never was even when teething, I have loads of pristine dribble bibs that were never needed.
As Bertie says teething can go on for months before there's any sign of them.

Not that she's likely to need it yet if she's not showing any signs of distress, but my friend is a paediatric dentist and she says dentinox is much better than bonjela.

yoey Thu 18-Aug-11 22:42:36

Thanks for the dentinox tip bilblio.
Soooo teething... gawd, I've enough on my plate (refuses to sleep unless being cuddled; refuses to do anything unless being cuddled; feeds to sleep; feeds all night long as co-sleeping; 3 year old getting pretty fed up with the whole baby sister thing etc etc!!) already without the long road to teeth!
I should have added that the smelly baby is between jabs, so I don't think that's a cause, in case it can be.
Thank you all for your fast replies.

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