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Expressing - will a few days off affect my supply?

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HandMini Thu 18-Aug-11 21:16:42

I am currently EBF DD (10 weeks) and also expressing about 100-120ml per day.

I express for 10 minutes or so in the morning after the 7am feed and 10 minutes or so in the evening around 9pm, which gives me a total of 100-120ml. Some of this I freeze for times when I am not able to feed and some goes into a top up bottle as DD always seems hungrier in the evening when I have less milk.

I am going to be away for two/three days and would rather not take all my pump kit with me for various reasons. Will two/three days away from this regime affect my supply, or do you think I will be able to "get the supply back up" when I'm back - even it will take a day or two to get back to the same level? I just don't want to permanantly decrease my supply.

Just to be clear I will be feeding DD while I'm away (she more or less feeds on demand, but is fairly routine now with three hourly feeds), just hoping not to have to pump.

Thanks in advance to any expressing experts who can help!

ballstoit Thu 18-Aug-11 22:23:32

Should be able to get the supply back. Are you able to hand express at all? You'll probably be fuller than you want to be so would be useful (both for comfort and re-establishing supply afterwards) if you could hand express a little bit.

Lynders Thu 18-Aug-11 22:43:53

in a nutshell - yes. Your body is a well regimented milk factory!! If you dont take it out, your body wont make the same amount next time. However, you can use tips to increase your supply again. I would reckon you'd become quite engorged though??

HandMini Fri 19-Aug-11 20:02:56

Thanks both, yes, you're right, I think a bit of hand expressing will be necessary. Which in itself will be a good thing both to prevent engorgement and to keep the supply up a little. I've decided I'm going to chance it, not express for the weekend and just see if I can get the supply back up starting on Monday. I think I'll try fenugreek to help.

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