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Breast-Feeding friendly venues in Bath, Somerset

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BogoPogo Wed 17-Aug-11 12:07:08


I am meeting a friend in Bath next week and we both have 3 month old babies. Both babies are quite hard to feed (one has reflux, the other a messy latch) so we are looking for somewhere where we can feed our babies without horrified on-lookers tutting as we catch chunder in our tea-cups or accidentally spray the waiter in the face with spurting breast-milk. I'm guessing the Pump Rooms may be out... Also, somewhere we can park up two buggies would be good.

Obviously, we have strength in numbers, but a friendly reception is always nice!

Failing that - is there a local park where we can nestle under our umbrellas, eating soggy sandwiches and cursing our babies messy eating habits?

Tweed Wed 17-Aug-11 20:56:45

Takes me back, I met a friend with my new born at The Royal Bath Hotel for afternoon tea, lovely comfortable chairs and well equipped loos, wasn't cheap but felt we deserved the treat. And we were away from on lookers too.

toobreathless Wed 17-Aug-11 23:47:06

I breastfed in the pump rooms two weeks ago smile

Not sure to be honest, Bath has a lot of quaint pretty small coffee shops. I can safely say NOT COSTA, staff were friendly but most seating is down a flight of stairs (no lift) & I fed in a chair literally right next to the queue. Even I felt exposed & I feed anywhere.

There are some nice benches around the cathedral area/baths & enough coffee shops nearby that you could get a takeaway coffee. There will probably be a far few tourists around though.

Hope you figure something out.

BogoPogo Thu 18-Aug-11 12:40:49

Oooo - Royal Bath Hotel sounds nice! And if we're paying top dollar then surely we're allowed to expose ourselves a bit? And good to know the Pump Rooms is not as stuffy as I thought.

Finding a comfy chair seems to be half the battle - I'm not very adept at wrestling with a squirmy, flappy 3 month old while perched on a rickety chair.

I'm sure we'll find something and if not will pray for sun and find a bench by the cathedral!

Thanks for your help

HarrietJones Thu 18-Aug-11 12:58:28

I've fed in the pump rooms. In fact dd3 was taken ill there and threw up orange bile and I freaked more than they did.

chocolatemacadamias Thu 18-Aug-11 13:16:58

Try Jikka Jikka on George St bf friendly; Bar Ha Ha on Walcott St -lots space for buggies,big sofas; Starbucks near the abbey,space for buggies bf friendly; the new Holburne Museum cafe if nice weather nice garden; the Egg cafe near the theatre royal, lots space and family friendly. Agree pump rooms fine but maybe not the best if you are feeling a bit self-conscious and not costa or either cafe Nero lots of stairs. Hope you have a nice day!

BogoPogo Mon 22-Aug-11 15:24:36

Wow! Thanks for all those recommendations - so nice to have such a choice.

Can't wait to get there now!

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