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Trying Bf with no2 after bad experience with no 1 (sorry long)

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Gastonladybird Tue 16-Aug-11 21:13:16

Am expecting no 2 in Jan and want to avoid same experience of bf I had with no 1.
 Dd was normal delivery but had an epidural and assisted third stage so ended up in hospital for 3 days. Struggled with latch due to inverted nipples and after 3 days gave dd ff.
when I got home MW advised me to use nipple shields to help with latch and milk came in so bf went better.

However I also developed a lump when milk came in. To cut a very long story short I was given a succession of antibiotics which made me and dd sick. Also turned out were not needed as was diagnosed with a galacatocele that I eventually had removed by surgery .

In terms of help I rang hospital bf counsellor on day after she was born but didn't hear anything for a week. Also tried to call nct helpline and la leche (about 5 times each) but never managed to speak to anyone so gave up.

After 6 weeks of feeling sick due to antibiotics, discomfort due to lump and struggling with nipple shields I gave up.

I do want to try bf but frankly my experience made my first few weeks as a mother very hard (I was already emotional and had been seeing a therapist due to history of pregnancy loss so was already vulnerable ).

What are my best sources of help and when should I get it? As I said above I havent had best experiences of bf so need to work on the emotional side . I am  worried about being left to it again practically and I really don't want same physical issues I I can avoid it.

Any tips/advice welcome.

Thanks for reading.

BornSicky Tue 16-Aug-11 21:31:35

I went to my local sure start breastfeeding group when I was still pregnant and made a few friends. Then, when I'd had my baby, I had a small group of people I could phone when/if I was struggling.

My midwife was also amazing and visited everyday up until she handed over to my my HV. My HV also visited as often as I wanted and is very pro-bf.

If you can, I'd advocate finding support gorups and introducing yourself to them in advance and also pushing to make sure you get home visits from health professionals if you need them.

I also pressed the buzzer alot in hospital (i was there for days) whenever I had a problem with latch or bf in general.

I also came on here and lurked alot reading up and posting.

I really hope you have an easier time with this pregnancy. good luck.

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