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2 Q's - time taken to feed and getting aggressive!

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OompaLumpa Sun 14-Aug-11 21:17:35

Sorry cheekily have 2 questions to ask you lovely ladies!
My 8 week old DD is BF and used to stay on me for ages and then i started unlatching her when she had been on 25-30 mins and offering her the other side for up to 10 mins or so and she has been perfectly happy with that and gaining weight well. I've noticed in the last 10 days or so she will now unlatch herself when she may have only been on 20-25 mins in total. I offer her the boob again but often she won't take it. Is it normal for them to decrease their feeding time like this?
2nd question - (not sure if connected with the first!) she has started getting really quite aggressive whilst feeding, mainly at the 7pm feed just before bed - pulling herself off whilst still sucking (and she has a really strong suck so this really hurts), tugging at the nipple, crying out like she is really frustrated. I wondered if this is something to do with milk flow being too fast and then not fast enough? any ideas on how to tackle this as frankly i'm getting so sore it's making me think about moving on from BF.
Thanks if you are still awake!!

kellieb7 Sun 14-Aug-11 21:30:09

Hi, someone much more experienced will be along soon but in relation to the quicker feeds IME this is completely normal as they become much more efficent at feeding and also start to learn that there is more to the world than boob grin. It does feel strange when this happens but no need to worry. DD (7 months) can now only spare about 5 minutes for a feed before she needs to go and explore again.
In regards to question 2, could it be wind? DD used to really suffer in the evenings and I always had to stop several times to wind her. You could try anticipating when she is going to pull off and gently hold her whilst you unlatch her (this might be a good time to try the winding). Good luck x

hankins Sun 14-Aug-11 21:30:17

Hello - it could be that your DD is becoming a more efficient feeder and that it takes less time for her to get what she needs from you. My DS got his feeds down to literally 10 mins when he was 8 wks old, and only ever wanted one side, and gained weight beautifully. As for the more aggressive feeding in the evening, we had this too. I always put it down to tummy ache/colic, although I did have a fast flow, and it did sometimes frustrate him and make him pull away. He often cluster fed at this time of night, and in retrospect, I wonder if he really wanted the comfort not the milk iyswim, to soothe his tummy. It may be too early, but in time you could try some gripe water, or interrupting the feed to wind, and then latching back on again? Kellymom is a great website for these kind of issues. It can be really tough getting through tricky phases, but 18 months on, I'm still BF'ing my DS, and we have both gained so much from that smile

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