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Dieting while BF

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choccybox Sun 14-Aug-11 20:26:03

DS is 7 months, BF well established and we are weaning (BLW so not huge amounts yet). I have put on 8lbs in past couple of months and feeling bigger than post birth!!!

Thinking of doing a juice diet or cabbage soup for a couple of days (no more than 3 days), would this be ok? I'm ok if it will mean I am more tired than usual but don't want anything to affect milk.

I know extreme diets are not best way to lose weight but really need a kick start.

Has anyone done an extreme diet while BF? Any advice much appreciated smile

AKMD Sun 14-Aug-11 20:39:48

I wouldn't recommend it. Can you re-plan your meals so that they are small, healthy and often instead of large, unhealthy and 3x a day + snacks? How about taking your DS for a brisk mile-long walk each day in his pushchair.

Both of those things will be far more effective, energy-boosting, long-lasting and good for you than a crash-diet that will leave you hungry and even more tired.

choccybox Sun 14-Aug-11 21:26:40

Meals are pretty healthy, it's more the snacking especially when he wakes 10 times a night The only thing that will normally stop sweet tooth is soup or juice only for day or two and then it kick starts diet.

Any experiences or ideas?

MigGril Sun 14-Aug-11 21:32:29

You can do both slimming world and weight watchers while BF, they give you extra points. Crash dieting is not good full stop so better to go with the slow approach.

Agree with AKMD suggestions to, it's all about have an even input so you don't get for the high suggar quik fix option when your in a low.

AKMD Sun 14-Aug-11 21:33:31

Oh dear, the night waking is awful. I BFed DS for 16 months and he only started sleeping through at 15mo. I don't think crash-dieting is going to help you at all TBH, especially not if you are already exhausted.

I found some good snacks are dried apple when I fancy something sweet and homemade seeded breadsticks when I'm after something savoury. They seem to tick the box somehow. I also switched my meals so that I was having something like muesli (not cardboard cereal) with a chopped banana for breakfast, a couple of Ryvita with Boursin and an orange juice around 10am-ish, a wholemeal cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, a piece of fruit at around 3 and then a fairly normal-sized tea with DH. I found that having a little bit of good food every few hours kept the sugar cravings at bay and because I had planned to eat at a certain time I wasn't hunting round for chocolate mid-morning because I was starving.

I really don't know why people get told that BFing helps you lose maternity weight - I lost weight in pregnancy but piled it on BFing!

choccybox Mon 15-Aug-11 11:24:52


Yes the night waking is a killer, may try breadsticks and other healthier snacks, the kit kat seems to give me the immediate energy but it's also piling the pounds.

I really don't want to end up bigger than pre pregnancy so going to step up the exercise.

Thanks both for your advice.

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