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Silent reflux, oversupply or wind?

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BettyBum Sun 14-Aug-11 16:44:41

My DS is 6 weeks old. He is a big boy and has been gaining weight very well. Exclusively BF. Sometimes, esp in the evenings, he will get very unsettled on the breast, go bright red and cry, and he seems to be in pain. Winding him does help for a bit but then when back on the breast he seems to get upset again. One side seems to be worse I think. I do have an awful lot of milk and sometimes he gets upset when the milk spurts out. However when I read about silent reflux, he seems to have a lot of the symptoms such as foaming at mouth. If he had silent reflux, would he be getting upset at every feed?? I would say for him it's about 3 feeds a day he does this with. I have tried to change position and do more of an upright feed but it makes no difference. My mum thinks it is colic as it is mainly in evenings. After his upset spell I let him calm down and then feeding is fine again (takes us up to about 9 or 10pm) which I guess does fit with colic.

It's horrible to think he may be in pain!! Any advice v much appreciated x

Iggly Sun 14-Aug-11 20:14:14

How does his breathe smell? if it's acidic it could be silent reflux (amongst other symptoms). When does he foam at the mouth? Does he do wet sounding burps? Does he get unexplained upset episodes when you lie him on his back?

It could be that he's overtired - that can cause confusing symptoms and explain why he gets upset in the evenings. How are his naps? I found DS would get overtired and very wired then upset.

If you have oversupply, try feeding with your DS in a more upright position and lean back a bit. Also it's worth trying to take him off once your milk lets down then put back on again. I also only fed DS with one boob per feed (had over supply too)

BettyBum Sun 14-Aug-11 21:22:01

His breath smells of nothing. He foams at random times, not all the time though or after a feed. His burps sound normal. He lies on his back with no problem during the day.

Am going to try and take him off when my milking is spurting.

The sling really helps. Just really hoping it's not reflux. May be tiredness...

fallingandlaughing Mon 15-Aug-11 21:47:22

I have similar problems with my DD who is almost 6 weeks.
For the past few days I have been hand expressing before feeding and this has helped, I just do it til the spurting calms down!
Gripe water (recommended by HV) also seems to be helping, though we only started this afternoon so too early to be sure.

narmada Tue 16-Aug-11 13:22:51

If it was problematic reflux, IME it would be at the majority of feeds and you would definitely know something wasn't right - think lots and lots of crying, probably for several hours every day, usually associated with/ after feeding.

I think the foaming at the mouth thing is probably a red herring - lots of 'normal' babies do this apparently; conversely, neither of my refluxy babies have done!

It does sound like you have a forceful letdown. You could try letting him suckle until letdown and then just popping him off and waiting for things to calm down a bit before putting him on.

Evening fussies are normal in a baby so young, although can be wearing to deal with. The fact that he'll feed normally after you settle him down suggests there's nothing seriously wrong I reckon.

Someone more experienced will be along soon to advise.

BettyBum Tue 16-Aug-11 23:57:06

Thanks guys.

He definitely isn't too troubled whatever it is. Last few days he has been getting upset specifically at breast and I have a blocked duct. But he seems happy all other times. Tonight during feeds he did lots and lots of farting so think that helped him. I agree that the foamy saliva thing can be normal anyway.

My hv said they don't treat for reflux if they are gaining weight so well anyway. He was 9.15 at birth 6 weeks ago and is now 14.11!!!

When he gets upset at breast we take him off and DP holds him facing out and walking about which DS loves, it soon settles him.

Am trying to catch the milk when it spurts out which I think helps...

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