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14m.o. biting whilst feeding :(

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treehuggermum Fri 12-Aug-11 23:26:30

It used to happen the odd time's now she's going through a naughty phase it's nearly every time and i dread feeding instead of loving it like i want to. It hurts! Even thinking of quitting b.f'ing tho this makes me sad. I've tried shouting, ignoring,explaining how sad it makes me etc, even slapping (feel very guilty about this, wont do it again) Anyone have advice? She does it at the end of each feed and laughs.

Thumbwitch Sat 13-Aug-11 14:08:17

Do you get an inkling of when she's about to do it, or not? If you do, take her off the boob before she gets a chance.

DS bit me a few times - I immediately removed him and sat him away from me, no cuddles, nothing. I think it was only 3 or 4 times before he got the message and then he never did it again. I didn't engage apart from telling him "No! That hurts mummy" and then leaving him to roar about it.

Apart from that, I have no idea - but perhaps she has reached her natural conclusion for BF'ing and you will have to stop. sad if you wanted to carry on though!

treehuggermum Tue 30-Aug-11 15:21:43

I sometimes get an inkling but sometimes not. It's always at the end of a feed when she's had enough anyway and now she grinds her teeth hard down my nipple and laughs. It's got to the point where i'm shaking when feeding her, and crying for ages after. I REALLY dont want to give up yet, as i'm sure this phase will end and when she's not biting i love breast feeding.

KellyKettle Tue 30-Aug-11 15:27:13

It is a phase, I found my DD did it when teething and I never really found anything which stopped it but it didn't go on very long.

It horrible, you have my complete sympathy because it does hurt, I know that horrible feeling of dread when you're just waiting for it to happen again.

I hope it passes soon (or you get some better advice than my post has given!).

organiccarrotcake Tue 30-Aug-11 16:04:13

Kellymom has some advice:

It does pass, but it's so horrible while it's happening. Much sympathy sad

treehuggermum Tue 30-Aug-11 22:36:51

Thank you for your help. Agh! Hope this phase will end soon x

Jetwash Tue 30-Aug-11 22:47:57

When ds started to bite,I stopped bfing. It lessened my emotional wrench,and felt like a natural progression. It didn't just felt like a form of rejection.

treehuggermum Tue 30-Aug-11 23:46:07

Interesting. I have been weighing up stopping and continuing. I dont think dd is rejecting, just teething and testing me! She pines for being bf all the time and it's how i get her to sleep. I will see how it goes.

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