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Losing milk supply in my left breast

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LAbaby Fri 12-Aug-11 02:08:07

I'm exclusively breast feeding my six week old and am worried that the milk in my left breast is drying up. Both breasts used to be the same but now the left breast is always soft. In comparison my right breast often feels full of milk, especially in the mornings.
I expressed to test it today, and got less than 2ml from my left breast in ten minutes - while getting 2oz from my right breast. The baby will suckle as happily on both but is still hungry after i put him to my right breast so I have to offer hm the right one.
I'm worried - what if the right breast dries up too?

TanteRose Fri 12-Aug-11 04:07:47

your body is still regulating the milk supply - don't worry, it is very unlikely that your milk is drying up.

At 6 weeks, your baby is going through a growth spurt and will be breastfeeding alot, so maybe your breasts will not become hard and "full" like they did in the early few weeks.

btw, expressing is no indication of how much milk you have - it does NOT mean that your baby is not getting enough milk.

Sometimes a baby does favour one breast or the other, and feeds better on one side. Always offer that side first, to stimulate milk production.

As long as you are feeding your baby as often as he/she wants (and with the growth spurt, this may be a LOT!), then your body will produce enough milk for your baby.

You are doing GREAT smile Trust your miraculous body to do its job and your baby will be fine smile

violetwellies Fri 12-Aug-11 04:37:48

This is the same for me, in my case its definitely an illusion and we had gone up 2 centiles at yesterday 's weigh in HV said whatever we're doing is working: ) grin , but of you offer the other breast more often then its supply wiill increase. One breast should not dry up unless you stop using it.
Eventually breasts just produce what they need. So keep on offering them both and you should be fine smile

TheFrozenMBJ Fri 12-Aug-11 05:28:53

LAbaby it is very, very unlikely that one breast will 'dry up' unless your baby is not feeding from it.

I did find that I tended to feed more from my left side at night as I tended to lie on my left when DS was small. Resulting in a more vigour us supply from that side. Might you be doing the same? This is easily rectified by feeding more regularly from the 'neglected' side, however, your baby will not be affected either way.

Emzar Fri 12-Aug-11 07:23:55

I'm just the same - my left side is always hard and full in the mornings but the right side is much more soft. I can also always express more from the left. It worriled me in the first few weeks (I think I posted on here about it too!) but appart from occasional fussing it doesn't seem to bother my baby so I've relaxed about it now.

TanteRose Fri 12-Aug-11 07:25:17

yes sorry, I posted "Always offer that side first, to stimulate milk production". I meant always offer the less favoured side first...

exoticfruits Fri 12-Aug-11 07:43:29

It happened to me. The first time I was completely lop sided and worried it would stay that way (it didn't).
The second DC I was determined that it wouldn't happen again and so offered the side that had dried up first every time. Exactly the same happened, it made no difference. Because I knew they would eventually go back to the same size I just fed with one side and it was fine.

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