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22 month old bf guzzler

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redsun Thu 11-Aug-11 22:48:27

OK I think he has calmed down, but I've just been through about 2 weeks of non stop bfing when I am around.

Mon to Fri I work FT. I feed in the morning when I get up at 5 am and bf again when I get back in the evenings, around 7.30 pm.

But I've had:

1)5am-bf my toddler til 6.30 am Then I work.
2) Get home around 7.30 pm and bf toddler for 45 mins as soon as I get in the door.
3) Then I bf 2 other times during the night (usually 1am and THEN 3 am) then it all starts again at 5am.

Today it was just 3 feeds. One aT 5am. Another shorter feed at 7am, and one long feed at 8pm.

So I think it has calmed down. But anyone know if the constant feeding was some of growth spurt, or just part of his usual big appetite?

You know what I am so tired I am going to crash out.

royaljelly Fri 12-Aug-11 01:31:56

He sounds like my greedy guts daughter. She breast fed so much(Every 2 hours) that at 8 mths I was so drained i couldn't take any more.

You are should introduce him to the bottle with breast milk first.. ( If he gets to being over 2 then cut it out completely), I f he is hungry he will accepct formula.

I would start weaning on foods you have at the dining table... ( my daughter acccepted beef stew before formula milk) even as young as 4 mths when breast feeding.

Cut out night time feeds, but make sure they eat (anything) in the evening meal time with you. It will take a few weeks but eventually your toddler will be used to NOT having a night feed.

You may get a toddler that eats more 'food' than milk like myself; As long as they eat with the rest of the family or have around the same 'hunger times' you should be able to manage feeds; Although active toddlers will need more.

Eventually after dinner all your toddler will need is a drink and bed.

AngelDog Fri 12-Aug-11 08:04:31

I'd guess a growth spurt, developmental spurt or something going on which has unsettled him - after all, it's as much for reassurance as nutrition at this age.

ChutesTooNarrow Fri 12-Aug-11 12:27:34

Mine is like this. Also 22 months. He has always bf a lot (endlessly over night hmm) but he has ramped up demand in the last week or two. I think it is a growth spurt; his appetite for other food has increased and he is growing so speedily that he is tripping over himself like a gangly foal. Am just grinning and bearing it atm whilst teetering slightly on the edge. Lots of sympathy for you redsun, such a demand on you is hard.

redsun Sat 13-Aug-11 21:55:16

Thank you all - well today went well - a lovely day out and only a feed in the morning and 2 feeds and now some peace. Up until today it does seem like all I do is bfeed and work. grin

Thank you all - I will try stop the night feeds - easier said than done though.

Royaljelly - I am so glad to hear from someone else who had a 2hr feeder like mine. It does get pretty tiring.

I have taken some work home this weekend as I am worried I did not do enough on Friday because I was so tired from night feeding.

I am just lying on the couch wondering how I am going to cope if this keeps going on like this. Also the house work - just as well DH is kind of saint like. (Actually I don't know why I worry about the housework - I bfeed and DH does the housework). However, I don't have my clothes all ready and washed and all that jazz so I need to usually have that done by today so that the rest of my working week is manageable.

I think the OTT bfing may be for reassurance and my toddler loves saying 'mummies milkies ok' and then 'again again again mummies milkies yay!' and then I get these loud 'um yum' noises while feeding. I love my food and I used to survive on very little sleep so I think I may just have a mini me on my hands.

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