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Expressing - where to start?

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nearlytherenow Thu 11-Aug-11 14:11:52

DS2 is 16 weeks. I have a few things coming up which mean that I would like to be able to express and leave a bottle for him (he is EBF) - a couple of weddings and other commitments which mean that I might need to leave him for up to 4 hours (will be nipping home for other feeds, and we won't be far away, so if it all goes horribly wrong I can be home in about half an hour).

DS1 was breastfed and wouldn't take a bottle, although I didn't really persevere. I found expressing really difficult (didn't get much), and a couple of times ended up with blocked ducts / mastitis. However I would like to give it a go again this time.

So, where to start? We don't really have any routine through the day - he feeds roughly every 2-3 hours, occasionally less. He's good at night though - he'll have a "last" feed at about 8pm, and then usually sleeps until about 4.30 (always a good long stretch). So would after this last feed be the best time to express? And what time of day would be best to try giving him a bottle? Is it best to try to express in little bits so that I get a bottle full when I combine a few days worth of expressing, rather than trying to express a whole feed at once? How often should I be trying to give him a bottle to get / keep him used to it - would a couple of bottles a week be enough? And any recommendations for "good" bottles? Or other good advice?

Thanks in advance!

nearlytherenow Thu 11-Aug-11 20:26:36


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