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Top teeth rubbing on my nipples <sob>

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Bumperlicious Thu 11-Aug-11 10:03:56

Dd2 is 10 months and her top two teeth have just popped through and are rubbing against my nipple when dd feeds. Will it get less painful as the get less sharp? Is this normal? Do I just wait it out? It's not nice sad

CamperFan Thu 11-Aug-11 10:05:42

Oh poor you, DS2's are taking so long to pop through, but they are on there way... I have heard this does get better quite quickly!

CamperFan Thu 11-Aug-11 10:06:01

* Their way

Cosmosis Thu 11-Aug-11 10:28:58

I am having the same issue, it’s not that he’s biting (we’ve had that as well once or twice!) but they are rubbing. It’s not all the time though so I think it’s when the latch is poor.

Bumperlicious Thu 11-Aug-11 10:33:11

It's the same pain as poor latching, but I'm sure it's the teeth. I fed DD1 till 14 months, she must have had top teeth, but I can't remember.

Unlurked Thu 11-Aug-11 10:37:55

I had this with my dd2 as well. She rarely feeds so that her teeth dig in now (at 13mo) I think it just takes them a while to get used to these new things in their mouths! I found it happens most when she had a bit of a lazy latch or was distracted while feeding so I'd stop feeding til she was a but more focused on the task in hand smile. It does get better!

OhHelpOhNo Thu 11-Aug-11 10:45:28

Oh I feel for you, I had the same problem with slightly older DS. It stopped mostly now but I am like a broken record to teeth, you need a big mouth <with me demo-ing big mouth>, he thinks it's funny and a game now hmm but will unlatch and relatch more comfortably.... my thread here in case it helps at all...

Cosmosis Thu 11-Aug-11 12:20:34

I know it's the teeth, you can see the marks when he comes off, what I mean is that it only seems to happen when the latch is also poor.

Bumperlicious Sat 13-Aug-11 19:34:52

Sorry, I realise you knew it was the teeth. But it's funny you should talk about latching as I haven't had to think about it for so long. It must be contributing though, as it is considerably worse on one side.

catslikefelix Sat 13-Aug-11 20:46:20

I remember getting sore ulcers where the teeth rubbed and found it really helpful to use the rugby hold position as it gave the area a rest! Dont know if a 10 mo will go for that! Mine were a bit younger so I could still change them around and they didn't complain! Good luck

mawbroon Sat 13-Aug-11 20:59:43

Yes, it can be improved by looking at the latch and getting him to latch again if it's not right.

DS1 is sometimes sloppy and I tell him to get off and latch properly. But he's older (lots older!)

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