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BF baby refusing feeds - only 10 weeks old- HELP!

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SurelyNotMe Wed 10-Aug-11 19:50:24

Sorry to post and run but I am so stressed I need to get out for a bit (also started potty training older DC today but that's another story.....!).

After a horrendous start to BF (tongue tie, thrush, mastitis) we have been very settled and happy for 7 weeks now. However DD has not had a decent feed since 8.30am this morning and I am worried. She has been fighting every feed since then, to the point where I feel like I am force feeding her. She cries and thrashes at me, cries when I take her off and when I put her back on. She has done this on occasions before but never for a whole day. I feel like she hates my boobs sad . She has even refused her bedtime feed by crying until I put her down.

She doesn't seem ill, but has slept more than usual today. I do have LOADS of milk so she does feed very quickly (5 mins) but today has been a constant battle to get her to have a tiny bit. We tried to introduce a bottle today, and she had about 30ml (seemed quite happy with it, though not very interested). Could I have confused her? I thought it was ok to introduce a bottle after 6 weeks? (older DC always refused a bottle).

Just had to express again as boobs are huge and sore. Going out now (DD fast asleep) but will check back in later, thanks very much indeed

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 10-Aug-11 19:59:02

Some one with more expertise will be along soon. But i had a similar experience when ds was around 12wks. In his case i realised that he was just not a newborn anymore, and didn't need to feed as frequently (made me quite sad in a way that it was flying by! blush )

Anyway, could it be that as you have a good supply your dd has become very efficient, and just wasn't that hungry today?

Try not to worry...i'm sure she'll be pining you down to the sofa for a growth spurt in a few days.

Btw well done on getting through your difficult start. smile

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Wed 10-Aug-11 20:00:45

meant to say i doubt it's owt to do with the bottle in that short time but others may know differently.

Sleepglorioussleep Wed 10-Aug-11 20:26:50

Had this at eight weeks with dd1. Put it down to all sorts of things including reflux, raised cot end. It passed in a couple of days (long stressful ones though iirc). Hope it passes quickly for you and perhaps someone else will have an actual solution as opposed to "been there and I feel your pain".

theboobmeister Wed 10-Aug-11 20:55:27

Sounds like you've had a pretty stressful day! Who knows what has rattled your LO - could be many things - but sounds like the immediate priority is to get her calmed down; it may be that one or two good feeds sorts things out.

No-one really knows much about this 'nipple confusion' business - babies are highly variable, some will switch happily at any time, others won't - research is inconclusive so there's no hard and fast rule. Guess you may want to avoid the bottle until she's settled again?

Two tricks you could try:

1. Biological nurturing (or the laid-back position). This is great for babies who seem to be 'fighting the breast' - they can use their arms and legs to get into a comfy position and often helps with latching difficulties. Apparently this position stimulates all of baby's innate feeding reflexes so may help 'get back to basics'. Info here

2. Feeding her while she is asleep. Sounds crazy but may work for a baby who's too agitated to feed! The trick is to do it while she's sleeping lightly (e.g. you can see her stirring slightly).

Good luck!!

SurelyNotMe Wed 10-Aug-11 23:16:45

Thanks everyone! Feel more relaxed now. DD had a huge feed from a bottle while I was out (DH said she was fine, I feel slightly redundant now sad)

Moonface Maybe she wasn't hungry, DD1 was always hungry and fed every hour for months so I am not used to a baby that doesn't want to guzzle all day long!

Sleep good to know it only lasted a couple of days. Did you express? My boobs feel giant again now and she probably won't wake for hours, and I also think I need to keep my supply up?

boobmeister Will definately try the laid -back position, it might also help to slow my milk flow (it does seem like a firehose some days!)

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