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BF really hungry in the mOrnings!

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jubblicious Wed 10-Aug-11 02:19:34

My DS is 8.5 months. He sleeps through the night from 6.30 to 6.15. Normally when he wakes up, he is hungry but generally calm and happy. The past two weeks he has been waking up upset and only calms down once he has fed. Which makes me think he must be really hungry. I am worried that my milk production might have decreased. I'm also 2 months pregnant

TanteRose Wed 10-Aug-11 02:36:03

your milk production may have decreased slightly because of the pregnancy, or the taste may have changed a bit, which puts some babies off somewhat.

However, things usually adjust after a little while, and you can carry on breastfeeding until your DC2 is born and beyond if you want to.

Your DS calms down after feeding, so yes, he may be hungry - he is a growing boy, and he is sleeping 12 hours! Of course he is going to be hungry and thirsty too! grin

I was similar to you, pregnant again when my DD was 7 months old - however she fed all the time - every 2 hours until she was about 1 year old confused so she never really got very hungry grin

congratulations by the way!

AngelDog Wed 10-Aug-11 06:29:49

Milk production does decrease in pregnancy. Being hungry in the morning is really normal at that age - DS couldn't make it past 3 or 4 am without a feed at that age.

howabout Wed 10-Aug-11 06:41:45

I think your DS is quite unusual in going so long between feeds at night at his age so he probably is hungry. I am not sure it is necessarily linked to you being pregnant though. I found that once my periods returned this either affected my milk supply or made my milk taste less appetising at certain times and so once I was pregnant again DD1 actually preferred it.

jubblicious Wed 10-Aug-11 16:30:03

Thanks guys! I was worried that my milk had decreased since I was pregnant. I have increased his solid intake before bed and he has seemed more content this morning! I even got an extra 20 mins in bed!! Whoo hoo

AngelDog Wed 10-Aug-11 22:29:25

Here's to more lie-ins! smile

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