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reflux catch 22 - advice please

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camdancer Tue 09-Aug-11 19:00:31

Dot DD2 (9 weeks) weighed yesterday. She's doing ok but growing slower than the hv would like. (Started on 50th centile is now down to 2nd.) HV is not worried but said to make sure DD2 gets more hind milk. Not easy with a 4yo and 2yo running around.

But DD2 has reflux so if she has too much at one time it aggravates the reflux and she is sick and in pain. So any ideas how I can get more milk into her without pain? I really want to try to avoid medication so am already on a total exclusion diet. She is still sicky but I've only been properly milk free for 3 days. (I made a mistake with the milk substitute I was using. Grrr)


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