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10 month old starting with childminder, breast fed, won't take bottle or cup

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Selegas Tue 09-Aug-11 15:18:28

My DD will be just shy of 11 months old when she starts two full days a week with the childminder at the end of August.
I left her with the childminder last week for 30 mins and she loved it. The following day I left her for two hours and according to the CM she was inconsolable the whole time. sad
Up until a couple of days ago she was breastfeeding every couple of hours and wasn't eating much solid food. I've made an effort to offer more snacks between meals and more water and she's now only feeding first thing, after lunch, after tea, and to sleep at night. She fed five times last night however! hmm
She's been much more interested in food, but still wants my milk. I've been offering her expressed milk in a cup but she spits it out and won't drink it. She's never taken a bottle.
I'm worried because she was so upset last week while at the CM's, and if she won't have any milk for the 9 hours she's there she'll be really upset. Should I suggest going during my lunch break to feed her?
If anyone has had a similar experience I'd be really grateful for your comments!

DitaVonCheese Tue 09-Aug-11 22:18:42

I went back to work for two days a week when DD was about 10-11 months, though was shorter days (only 5.5 hours I think <part-timer> blush). She was very similar - wouldn't take a bottle/cup and didn't eat a lot of solids until she was well over a year. She was absolutely fine re not having milk though she did tend to leap on me when I picked her up - for the first few weeks had to feed her in the car outside the CM's house blush but eventually she could wait a bit longer. I think they're more adaptable than we think, though you could give bfing at lunchtime a try if you think it might help. Also she might be more willing to take expressed milk from someone else - not sure whether you've tried that.

Good luck, it's such a wrench sad

nannynick Tue 09-Aug-11 22:35:45

I've cared for children a lot younger... they were breast fed by mum but had to have bottle with me. The first few days they will refuse to feed... but they won't starve themselves. At 11 months, your DD is having some solid food, so they are not relying on the milk so much.

I would suggest you feed her well first thing in the morning... top up again just prior to going to childminder if there is time. Childminder can try giving small amount of expressed, or formula (in a bottle or beaker) - probably at lunchtime and teatime if those are the times when she is likely to want a milk feed. Childminder would mostly be giving solid food, so if you are giving milk feed in morning, childminder could give solids for breakfast, lunch, tea.
When you collect from the childminders... give her a feed. Then feed again before bed.

I wouldn't go during your lunch break because:
1. your childminder may not be home at that point - they may be out somewhere.
2. your daughter may become confused... you leave her, you come back but you don't take her home?
3. your daughter will learn that you will come if they refuse to accept feeds at the childminders.

It takes a lot of perseverance but after a while babies do learn that if they want milk, they need to take it from someone else.

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