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Breastfeeding and use of bottles for expressed feeding

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InnocentRedhead Tue 09-Aug-11 14:03:37

hi, I am pregnant and i plan to BF this child. I understand that BF has to be established and DP knows this too. But after it has being established - DP wants to be able to feed LO with my expressed milk, not all the time - just for a little bonding time, to take pressure of me in middle of night etc. I agree and I will be letting him do it. But which bottles and teats would you use/have used for this purpose.

I do not want the baby to take fully to bottle and not want to breast feed. Any suggestions of brands and teats will be very much appreciated.

IAmTheCookieMonster Tue 09-Aug-11 14:11:42

you can get "orthodontic" teats, that are a better shape for breastfed babies, makes like nuk and mam that you can buy in boots. I bought a couple of different types and in the end he liked the tommee tippee closer to nature ones that were just normal shaped! I would leave it at least 6 weeks, but agree that it is useful to be able to bottle feed. I expressed for my driving lessons and it was great peace of mind to know that he wouldn't go hungry. He never preferred bottles although I was worried about that too because I read somewhere about a baby that had one bottle and refused the breast :-S

You can feed tiny babies from a cup so they don't get used to a bottle. I've never done this but I know it can be done.

PenguinArmy Tue 09-Aug-11 14:59:35

DD was fine with bottles when they were given once every day or two days or if more often then as long as DH fed her. When people who had FF fed their children fed her we had problems. you can look up the kellymom section on pumping mums here, although more bookmark it for later. there is page for tips on how to bottle feed the breast fed baby.

BUT do it for you and you only, DH does not need to feed her to bond. Get him to bath DC every day while you kick back, feed up eat chocolatle have a glass of wine, telly/music and maybe cake as well. Expressing is a chore

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