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Help - blocked duct, mastitis and all things between...

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buttonmoon78 Tue 09-Aug-11 10:51:45

So last night I put my left arm down next to my side and realised that I was very sore. On closer inspection, my breast was a bit lumpy and quite tender. Once ds finally settled, I had a hot bath and massaged/expressed quite a lot but nothing much came out. By this time I was also feeling shivery and nauseous.

After my bath, I used my electric pump to try to get some milk off (while massaging) and managed about 1.5oz (less than 1oz is 'normal' for me so that was odd, esp as he'd fed all pm). I then went to bed. DS (24days old) came into bed with me about 12.30 and (from what I can remember grin) had three separate wakings where I used the L breast twice.

This morning I fed him starting with the L breast and this time used the rugby ball hold to try and vary the pressure to see if that helped.

Anyway, I feel lots better this morning - no crashing headache, no fever BUT my breast has a largish red patch on it where the blocked duct is, not like a bump or anything but more like it's blushing IYSWIM?! I'm still massaging when I feed so perhaps it's that?

Basically, do I need to see a dr? I'm desperate to avoid antib's as last baby I had them at 1 week and we both got thrush (I always get vaginal thrush on them and have it now because of sanitary towels - I'm obviously very prone) and it was the kiss of death for bf that time. I'm terrified that it will be the same this time.

I've got the mw coming today about 3 to weigh ds again (some of you will be familiar with our weight gain woes but I'm reasonably confident that he'll have put on again today!) so I could just leave all this for her, but if I then need to see a dr today it might be too late at 3 to organise that. Oh what a quandry!

Thanks for making it through that garble.

kimberlina Tue 09-Aug-11 12:06:59

It sounds like you are doing most things that I'd recommend. All that I can add is maybe taking paracetamol/ibuprofen to try to reduce any inflammation and swelling and using a hot flannel during a feed to try and get the duct unblocked. Also sleeping without a bra on worked for me on 2 occasions - I woke up in the morning in a damp patch but with the pain and lumpiness gone so I assume it all kind of drained out overnight. Oooh and I always seemed to get blocked ducts when wearing one bra in particular (now thrown out!) so you could check your bra isn't too tight etc.

Hope that helps a little. Maybe the midwife will be able to give more practical advice

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