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Tandem feeding (well, nearly) - still no colostrum at 36wks. Normal?

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SoBroken Mon 08-Aug-11 15:34:28

Perhaps it's starting to freak me out because everybody kept telling me it was going to be really difficult bfing my 3 yr old while pregnant, and so far it's been a piece of cake. No soreness, apparently no change in taste, no bad nappies from DS ...

But also no change. My DS is very articulate and so I can ask him if the milk has changed at all, and apparently it hasn't. Doesn't look any different in consistency either.

When I was preg before, my colustrum came in a 20wks and now I'm 36 and still waiting.

Please reassue me this isn't a cause for concern. Supposing my milk never changes? Will I be able to feed DS2 on the same milk his brother has?

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Mon 08-Aug-11 16:13:48

hi sobroken. I'm 32wks and bfing 17m ds. Like you no sign of colostrum yet. Am just hoping/guessing it will turn up when needed!

I've done a bit of reading and nowhere has suggested that my colostrum won't come in. But i have read that when can vary...not sure how late though!

I am confident we will both have colostrum to feed our new babies. But even if we don't, just supposing, in my head the bm we are making now is still better for a newborn than formula. It still has lots of antibodies and other bm goodness in it. smile

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