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can I dye my hair while breastfeeding?

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birchykel Mon 08-Aug-11 06:48:18

Hey all,
I am in desperate need of dying my hair, my roots are showing badly and I want to just get a shop bought dye for ease. Everyone advises against this while I'm breastfeeding and my LO is only 6weeks old. But looking on the internet lots of mums seem to just do it.
Can anyone advise please?

belgo Mon 08-Aug-11 06:54:01

Who advised you against it? I hate all of these stupid rules of dos and don'ts while breastfeeding, most of them are rubbish and based on nonsense. And most of them only succeed in putting women off breastfeeding.

I had my hair dyed while pregnant and breastfeeding. Sometimes I even sat in the hairdressers breastfeeding while they dyed my hair.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 08-Aug-11 06:54:48

People advise against it why? I breastfed for 18 months, there's no way on earth I'd have gone that long without covering the grey!

La Leche League say 'According to theBREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, published by La Leche League International, no evidence exists that the nursing mother's use of hair-care products, such as hair dyes and permanents, has any effect on her breastfeeding baby. When a mother uses hair-care products, some of the chemicals will be absorbed through her skin. If her scalp is healthy and intact, less will be absorbed than if the skin on her scalp is scratched or abraded'. Kellymom agrees. Unless there's some compelling evidence out there I don't know about, I think this is yet another myth that serves to put people off breastfeeding.

birchykel Mon 08-Aug-11 07:20:52

Thank u so much, I thought the same but a couple of hairdressers have said not to ( I think also because of the hormone levels as its only been 6 weeks since birth) but I think its crazy, i can't imagine going another week with these roots!!
It's great that I have peace of mind now though.

drcrab Mon 08-Aug-11 07:23:39

I did it, dye my hair whilst pregnant and now having bf for the last 10 months have had it done 3 times. One home job and 2 salon. It's fine. Go for it.

Tortoiseonthehalfshell Mon 08-Aug-11 07:26:37

Eh, I'd trust LLL over a hairdresser when it comes to breastfeeding safely. Go for it.

birchykel Mon 08-Aug-11 07:30:48

And do u guys think its ok to do it so soon after birth? I'm just gona go for it, so sick of looking Yuk!

TimeWasting Mon 08-Aug-11 07:43:29

All the lush thick hair that builds during pregnancy has a tendency to fall out pretty quickly, around 3 months after (I think) for most women, regardless of whether they're breastfeeding. So spending a lot on your hair now might turn out to be a waste if it all starts falling out, but dying it now won't actually harm your hair or your baby. smile

birchykel Mon 08-Aug-11 08:32:07

Fab thanks. Where do all these myths come from hey. It just makes people worry.

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