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which formula?

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sleepdodger Sun 07-Aug-11 23:28:29

Have taken the plunge & introduced a formula bottle in the evenings for pfb ds, 4 months
he's having baby rice at lunch time (mixed with bm), a formula bottle after a bath(about 8pm), and bf the rest of the time
So far he's only had the aptamil stage 1 ready made cartons, and now I plan to buy the powder instead, but I wondered whether I am best to buy reg stage 1 aptamil or hungry baby?
It will be for this 1 feed a day only, and as a bit of background I introduced the formula to help satisfy him in the evenings / night, as I didnt seem to be able to do so recently on bf alone sad so far, last 3 nights, the combo of rice & formula does seemed to have helped, but I've looked at ingreedients for the 2 feeds and cant see much difference
Any one any experience / thoughts / opinions as to which may be most suitable?

HelenQ Mon 08-Aug-11 08:57:20

There isn't much difference between the two. We had to formula feed from day 1 due to meds I take and so looked into all of them.

The hungrier baby formulas are designed to keep them fuller longer by having more of a particular element (can't remember which one they have more of) but aren't actually nutritionally different. Downside can be constipation. Only way is to try it out. We found stage 1 was fine and introduced stage 2 when we started weaning DD at 6 months and avoided the hungrier baby formulations altogether (after the constipation episode).

Personally, I'd avoid using baby rice - milk (in whatever form) is supposed to be sufficient until they are 6 months (this is an average so there will always be those that need food prior to this and those that don't need to wean until later). It's also pretty disgusting (the only thing our DD has actively spat across a room).

It's been very hot recently - are you sure DS isn't thirsty? Thirst can make you feel hungry and babies are no different. DS may also simply be hungrier and want more to drink.

He could also be on a growth spurt and so need more at the moment. Our DD has always gone through phases of eating 3 times the norm for her size and then nearly nothing for a couple of days (freaked out the HV, but as DH is exactly the same it didn't worry me). DD also drinks more than the average adult (just like me) so always needed more than was stated for her age and weight (she is now 2 1/2 and just over 2 stone).

Don't feel sad about not feeling that you can produce enough breast milk - you have done fantastically. introducing formula does not have to be a negative thing - it's a great way to allow others the closeness of feeding the baby. Mixed feeding can be a great compromise - my sister did it from day 1 to ensure she got a good nights sleep (seriously, she's the kraken otherwise).

on formulas themselves - they are all required to contain the same ingriedients and so whilst there will be slight differences with the different brands the differences are mainly marketing.

RitaMorgan Mon 08-Aug-11 12:12:17

Hungry baby milk is just made harder for them to digest so it is supposed to sit in their stomachs for longer (hence sometimes causing constipation and stomach upsets). I don't think there's any evidence for it making them sleep longer though, and the NHS don't recommend it's use.

tiktok Mon 08-Aug-11 12:52:20

The protein in 'hungrier baby' milks is casein-dominant, and casein is less easy to digest - it's closer to the original cows milk formula is based on. It has the same calories in it as 'non-hungry' milks.

There is no evidence it helps with sleep.

isitreallythattime Mon 08-Aug-11 20:09:38

Its lovely to hear that we are all thinking over the same things. WHen my DP saw a leaflet on the sofa with all the contraceptive options he came in grinning and asking when we could resume 'things'. My face told him not to even go there! Anyway,i am thinkinkin going back to the pill if i stpo bf or the coil if i continue.
I am really struggling with feeding dilemas. Without the long story, had to start giving dd form top ups after feeding from me, and she seems to have improved from it, however, the idea was that once she was back to a good weight, she would be able to take more bf and less formula, however, she is feeding from me for half hour then taking full form feeds. I am convinced that my milk simply doesnt satisfy. I have tried expressing to increase supply, dompegnon medication, and iron tabs but nothing working. Has anyone else had this? Am exhausted just from thinking about it. In an ideal world Id like to ebf with maybe one or two form feeds in night, but when ever i try to offer both breasts over an hour plus, ten mins later dd still wants more, and clears a bottle.
Have a DS too, otherwise id happily sit on sofa all day everyday feeding 24hours until my boobs fell off..... Help!! x

BikeRunSki Mon 08-Aug-11 20:14:22

RE powder or ready made cartons: The powder doesn't keep for more than 4 weeks (i think it is 4 weeks, check on tin) - will you get through it quick enough if you are only making up one feed a day? For one feed a day, you may be better off sticking to ready made cartons.

organiccarrotcake Mon 08-Aug-11 20:18:23

isitreallythattime your milk does satisfy - there's no such thing as unsatisfying milk - but you may well not be transferring enough of it. I've not been around much - have you been posting for advice?

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