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Dropping a feed or not

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mejon Sun 07-Aug-11 13:01:19

Not sure if this should be in 'Sleep', 'Weaning' or here so I'm trying here first! DD2 has just turned 6 months and up until a couple of weeks ago was waking once in the night for a feed (bottle) anytime from 3am onwards. She'd then go back to sleep and wake for the day around 6-7am and she'd have her first feed of the day sometime later. She's now almost sleeping through - has completely on a few occasions or will wake after 6am for the first time. This means that we're effectively 'down' one feed during the day (was on 5 in 24 hours). Do I try to fit in this dropped feed during the day somehow or does it mean she no longer needs it? We started solids a week or so ago, she's not eating a huge amount yet obviously but I've tried to fit in the 'lost' feed during the day but am finding it difficult to do so and give her food as well. Help! Can't remember what I did with DD1 4.5 years ago!

mejon Sun 07-Aug-11 20:02:16

bump.... anyone....??

RitaMorgan Sun 07-Aug-11 20:22:20

I'm sure she'd let you know if she was hungry.

mejon Mon 08-Aug-11 08:32:20

Thanks Rita. She certainly did! Woke at 1.15 and wouldn't settle so ended up giving her a 5oz bottle which she finished. Woke again at 5.30 but she (and the cot) was soaking wet so understandable. BFd her back to sleep for an hour or so. I'll see how we go tonight.

LaCiccolina Tue 09-Aug-11 15:13:10

We have kind of dropped one or two by accident as well. I used to wake mine at 11pm for a dream feed. DD is now 8mths. This past month I realised that the waking wasn't needed as most nights she was a) dry when I checked her and b) a feed didn't get me any further through the night, she woke at about 330am regardless. I stopped it (unless wet which I can feel by tapping her nappy as I creep to bed) and so far she doesn't appear to have noticed.

I have though been upping the food during the day to two very good sized meals at breakfast and dinner and will now be inserting a lunch in too. I tend to give her a drink before and after meals of bf too. Am considering switching one to a formula feed or water though around lunch....any thoughts by anyone to that? Formula fed seem to, unsure why bf-ers don't. Cant see she will forget how to suck now and Im not bothered about exclusivity as Im using food which I wouldn't be doing if exclusivity was my preference.....

She's several times stopped the 330am feed too and gone right through to approx 6am, this one wasn't me. As she's demanding a bf at other times Im not worried she might have forgotten how to...

Happy feeding! :0)

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