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I have hung up my nursing bras for good, very emotional about it, come and virtually hug me please

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sweetkitty Sat 06-Aug-11 21:39:28

DS is 15 mo now, his sleep has gone backwards in that he wakes and wants a feed then won't go back to sleep, if DH settles him back he goes no problem. We were down to morning and evening feeds only so last week I dropped the evening feed and now dropped the morning feed yesterday. He sleeps right next to me (used to cosleep until he kept kicking and biting me) so I slept elsewhere last night and DH attended to him when he woke.

I feel so so sad this is the end of breastfeeding for me:
in total I have BF for 56 months (4 DC)
I have been pregnant or BFing since Nov 2003 apart from 6 weeks
usually by this time I am pregnant with the next one but DS is my last for sure

I remember being on here and struggling and crying trying to BF DD1 7 years ago and getting wonderful help and support which helped me to keep going, so huge thanks to everyone who supported me, mears, tiktok, mars, hunkermunker

BFing has been such a journey for me, to solely nourish my babies myself for 2 years, to never give them formula, to have them sleep with me and feed on demand, it's bee hard but one of the most worthwhile things I have ever done.

There I am away to have a little sob now sad

kimdeal Sat 06-Aug-11 21:45:42

Woo-hoo, I salute you Sweet. And Tiktok while we're at it. Ok, and a hug then (no biting).

TCOB Sat 06-Aug-11 21:46:44

sad that it's over but surely a little bit smile at the same time - firstly because it's an awesome achievement but also because there may be a little more wine on the horizon?

And what a fab wealth of knowledge you must now have about the bad as well as the good to support all those other mums on their BFing odyssey!

ShowOfHands Sat 06-Aug-11 21:47:47

And that nourishment, that comfort, that start in life will carry them through years and years and years. It might become a distant memory one day but the effects of it will last them until they're old and grey.

Well done you. It's the closing of a chapter and that's always poignant. I bet the next bit's going to be brilliant too.

Have a cry. It's the end of an era. Then smile and look forward to the next chapter.

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