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For those who have nursed a child who is old enough to talk

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orchidee Sat 06-Aug-11 15:05:10

(No this isn't a DM "shame on you!" thread)

I was casually wondering what's going through my 3 month old's mind, maybe something about how one side has a nice flow but the other's a bit stop/ start, or how milk tastes different some days, or that some positions are harder work than others...

So, for those of you who have nursed a talking toddler, what comments have you had about mummy's milk?

MountainDew Sat 06-Aug-11 15:12:15

My 2 year old say 'no, not that one' about one side (now salty weaning milkbecause he uses it so infrequently! Other side is still sweet.) , and when mum-milk is mentioned he says 'mmm! Nice.'

He doesn't talk about it much though, other than to ask for the damn thing!

I like the thought of working out what a 3 month old is thinking! Probably just 'mmmm, more' then an hour later, 'more again'. Then 45 mins later, 'more again' ad infinitum...

orchidee Sat 06-Aug-11 15:26:31

Ha ha! I like it! Salty / sweet and "mmm... nice"

I'll admit I am deeply immersed in my new baby, but sometimes he is a bit fussy or whatever and I'll think about how the milk is, like he's saying "I just wanted to suck! Hold the flow!" or whatever.

<< back to dreamy newborn land >>

twoboots Sat 06-Aug-11 15:48:07

i love the cream that comes out of your do-dos.

i know its for babies but i'm thirsty and you won't have to get out of bed.

AngelDog Sat 06-Aug-11 15:58:36

My 19 m.o. is semiverbal and says 'Mummy milk - yummy yummy yummy'. smile

feckwit Sat 06-Aug-11 16:00:47

My daughter used to tell anyone whol listened that her favourite drink was mummy milk, she even asked at preschool for mummy milk which caused much eyebrow raising.

The cutest, and vaguely related, was her telling people she liked me taking off my "boob sock" (bra!) so she could drink my milk!

ShowOfHands Sat 06-Aug-11 16:07:44

DD often talked about how nice it tasted, how it was like icecream only better. I remember her explaining in a very weary way to my anti-bfing relative (he was spouting off in general about how unnecessary bfing is and he didn't actually know dd was still feeding as we'd only done it in private since about 12 months) that mummy milk is perfect, nice and warm and sleepy making but fridge milk is only nice and not perfect. I could have cheered her.

She also used to say that she liked the right side better as it worked better. She was right, my left side was always a bit rubbish though it did its best.

msbuggywinkle Sat 06-Aug-11 17:34:16

DD1 weaned at 4.11 (2 months ago!) and talks about milk a lot. She says she liked it because it was so so so nice and white! She used to talk a lot about one side being 'milky' (lots of milk side!) and the other being 'silky' (slow flow side, never the favourite one here!). She also used to say that one side made chocolate milk, the other one made ice cream.

DD2 is 2.4 and says 'yummy nummies' a lot!

EauRouge Sat 06-Aug-11 18:53:35

I've had a few comments-

"Yay, boobies!" <applauds>

"I want mummy booby, not daddy booby." For reasons completely unknown to anyone, DD1 has named my breasts 'mummy booby' (right hand side) and 'daddy booby' (left hand side)

"Not that one, that one's got a hair on it". The hair was from my head. My mother didn't stop laughing for about 20 mins after that one angry

"Yummy!" <big grin>

"I like boobies."

orchidee Sat 06-Aug-11 19:45:14

Brilliant stuff! I am laughing out loud and also feeling my heart melt at these quotes.

TimeWasting Sat 06-Aug-11 19:52:45

DS first word was 'boob!'

Apart from asking for it, a lot, he told me it tastes like chocolate. smile

TruthSweet Sat 06-Aug-11 19:56:46

DD1 used to sob for Bah to make her hurts better. It always worked! She still remembers bfing and she stopped in Sept 09, she was talking about it today and was sure she would be able to nurse just as long as she mimiced DD2's mouth when DD2 nurses. So not happening DD1 as you have 6 adult teeth....

DD2 asks for mumma bah and always has to have both sides. She often pops off and says 'there's no milk mummy' in a hurt little voice, so I check and guess what - there is, so she gets all excited and goes back on for another go. I think she just likes to see me check confused as you can hear her swallowing!

She once asked for a feed when we were out so I nursed her from under my top and she had both sides as per usual. When she had finished she asked for 'those other bah' and I said 'but you had both sides'. DD2 replied 'But I want up the top bahs' She wanted me to nurse her again with me popping them out of the top of my top as well as from underneath it. Canny devil!

I do peer supporting and DD1 is always banging on about mummy helping the other mummies breastfeed their babies, so when DD2 was getting a bit pee'd off with me talking to the other mummies she stop up in the middle of the room and told me to 'Stop breastfeeding mummy, I don't want you to do it anymore.' grin She still asked for Bah about 2 minutes later as she very rarely will not bf at a bfing group (she gets ideas I tell you!).

DD3 just points at each side and goes 'Dat, DAT' and never passes up the opportunity to have both sides just like her big sister. She gets all excited and will drag me to the chair in her room where she has her nighttime feed and will pat the chair seat so I know to sit down.

It's really rewarding when you get to a stage where they can tell you how they feel about nursing, it makes all the early days and the hard work worthwhile.

Zwitterion Sat 06-Aug-11 21:01:55

Just wanted to say that this thread has made me cry, in a good way!

I bf DD for 14 months, loved every minute really. She went on nursing strike at 14 months and despite lots of great help on here she never got back into it. I would love to still be feeding her. And to hear some of these gems!

You're all brilliant.

gemma4d Sat 06-Aug-11 21:14:21

Lovely post! Know exactly what you mean about little ones objecting to milk when trying to sleep. I can imagine dd2 (4months) thinking "NO milk, just dummy-sucking - I WANNA SLEEEEP!"

sheeplikessleep Sat 06-Aug-11 21:14:25

DS2 is 17 months tomorrow. He doesn't really say much yet, but at the end of the day, if he is messing around and won't come in the bedroom to get ready for bed, I just start undoing my bra strap under my top and he is straight over with a big excited grin on his face and practically running.

spiderlight Sat 06-Aug-11 21:15:25

Mine christened it 'mambo' at about 14 months, and refers to my breasts as 'big mambo' and 'slow mambo' ('slow mambo' has been retired since he was about a year old - he never liked it and now I know why!) He's told me that mambo is nicer than chocolate and ice-cream and that he's never, ever, ever going to stop having it. He often mutters 'Ahhh, mambo, mambo, mambo...' in his sleep, which makes me melt every time. He's adamant (at nearly 4 1/2) that he is never, ever, ever going to stop having mambo, although it's only really at bedtime and first thing in the morning these days, unless he's hurt himself or is feeling poorly.

Herbiethecat Sat 06-Aug-11 21:16:07

DD always called it "side" (from "would you like the other side?")

She used to just say it was yummy, despite my attempts to get her to elaborate. She used to prefer the "big" one even though I could tell no difference in either its size or her feeding. When she got older and I started talking about her stopping soon she used to fix me with a beady glare and tell me that when she grew up she would have lots of children and they would all have side for as long as they liked even when they were very big. She also made up stories where in the house would live Mummy, Daddy, the children, the cats, and Side.

She eventually self weaned on her 5th birthday.

annieversaire Sat 06-Aug-11 21:27:56

LOL at 'side' grin Herbie that;s brilliant.

we have here (and heaven forbid anyone who knows me is reading this, as they will KNOW)
'this one milky' and 'that one milky' which is I suppose original. For a while they were slightly muddled but after a week or two of 'this that one' and 'that this one' he settled into which was which.

he's four and a bit. I see no signs of stopping yet.
He doesn't say much apart from informing anyone on the telephone that he is 'having one of mummy's milks' and breaking off mid conversation to suck.

he's very small and still a baby in so many ways...he isn't one of your grown up 4yos and actually refuses to be 4, he's still '3', won't hear of being 4.

TruthSweet Sat 06-Aug-11 21:31:29

annieversaire - we have 'this one bah' and 'that one bah' as well as 'mumma bah', 'more bah' and 'DAT!!!' (Dat is DD3 and she always very insistent on poking to make sure you get the correct one outhmm)

Bah comes from DH saying I was an 'all you can eat, 24 hr milk bar' and DD1 just called it Bah!

annieversaire Sat 06-Aug-11 21:35:57

Oh crikey it's not just us then grin.
Also the bit in your post about 'top', well ds wll clamber over me in bed to have the 'top one' hmm
and sometimes he insists on having it from underneath rather than above my shirt, but I tell him he can have it however it's most convenient for me or not at all, and he usually complies!

I don't know how I will ever wean him off. Perhaps when he starts school in september...

MoonFaceMamaaaaargh Sat 06-Aug-11 21:39:47

Love this thread! Ds is 17m and not really speaking yet...but he does dive at me if he sees a nekid boob. Or will reach down my top crying "more...more!" when he wants milk. And then says "owawo" (other one) when he wants to swap sides. Supercute (prob only to me but i don't care) !

Mountaindew you provide main course and pudding! Very impressive. grin <wave>

I need some new Boob socks! grin

Eaurouge i love that you have a family of boobs! Mum and dad! Am imagining you as some sort of venus of willendorf esque form...with a mummy boob, a daddy boob and a gaggle of smaller booblets all over you! However i shall grant you a face etc unlike the original as faces are good imo. grin

What a lot of grin 's

BertieBotts Sat 06-Aug-11 21:43:49

Let me just give you a tip now, if you plan on getting to the stage where he's still nursing when he can talk, make sure you call them something you don't mind him announcing at the middle of toddler group! We went for the ever-innocent "milk", but I forgot to keep this up as he would always ask for "milk" if he wanted to feed, but when at home etc I used to refer to my boobs as boobs. Didn't realise there would come a time when he would be obsessed not only with milk, but with the "milks" themselves and try to get them out constantly at the sling meet in front of a dad who was proudly carrying his newborn for us all to meet. DS then became very indignant at me restraining him and just in case I'd misunderstood his aim, announced loudly "But I want to get your BOOBS OUT, Mummy!" Several times.

SummerRain Sat 06-Aug-11 21:45:03

dd was just starting to talk at 12 month when she weaned but I don't remember comments about taste. She did demand I feed her teddies a lot though and she talked about the baby having mama milk a lot during my pregnancy after she'd weaned.

ds2 was 2.5 and very verbal by the time he stopped. I don't remember anything about taste though, his last 9 month of nursing though I was pregnant with ds2 so there were a lot of issues with supply and i'll never forget his face the day my colostrum came in and he got a taste of it after weeks of practically no milk at all grin

ds2 is 2.5 and non verbal but funnily enough communicates about milk the most... he sniffs my boobs rather appreciatively and apparently his favourite thing in the world is mama milk. He wants 'lots' of milk in the mornings and has strong opinions on which boobs he's in the mood for most times hmm I fear I may never manage to wean him

CareyHunt Sat 06-Aug-11 21:50:57

Dd (4) has a favourite side too. She likes the 'nice side booby'. She often says 'I am still a baby and booby is food for babies'. She also said the other day that booby tastes 'like lovely hot chocolate'!

Ds2, who self-weaned at 3 1/2 said once 'booby tastes like sunshine'.

noteventhebestdrummer Sat 06-Aug-11 21:51:32

DS4 was just 4 and a little scrap of a thing who liked bedtime milk with me - so did I! He was my 'last' baby...until he announced one night that my milk 'tasted funny' and I thought that was probably some hormonal thing like...OMG! I'm pregnant!!

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