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changing bottle brands - tommee tippie to NUK - help!

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ODmummy Fri 05-Aug-11 17:34:32

DD1 is 8 weeks old and has been totally bottle fed for the last 4 weeks. I am using tommee tippie as I used those with DS2 and they seemed fine, but he was about 4 months when I started to bottle feed. I am having various problems with her feeding (not all to do with the tt bottles I don't think). The last week and a half she has been cring and pulling away from the bottle after a few mins, pulling her knees up. Strange squeaky noises happen when she sucks. She has never taken more than 3.5 oz in a feed and goes about 3 hours in the day between feeds, but now is only taking 1 or 2 oz and still going 3 hrs, only having a max of 18oz a day. She is struggling to have a poo, only going every few days. I think the constipation could be causing the reduced feeding. I have tried using size 2 teats to see if she takes more over the last week but it doesn't seem to make any difference, shes not choking so I have kept using them.

I am giving her some cooled boiled water to help constipation, which she takes from a cup and seems to like. When she refuses her milk she will often still take a few sips of water.

I am now trying NUK bottles as I used those from about 5 months with DS1 when I changed from b/f to bottles and liked them. However, although DD1 will take them into her mouth she seems to suck for ages when she comes off she has only had 1/2 an oz. The bottle look more comfy for her when in her mouth, but i don't know whether to persist with them (only tried twice), or stick with tommiee tippie as I am already worried about how little she is having.

Anyone got any advice about changing bottle brands or about releiving her constipation? Thanks!

mummy2l Sun 07-Aug-11 21:44:51

Hi didn't want to leave your post unanswered. I'm not entirely sure of the prob but I used tt with my son and he did very similar things. With pulling away it was due to the start of teething (he was 9wks) he didnt get any teeth for ages but his gums started to get sore hence pulling away from the bottle.
I think I would stick to the tt bottles with the faster teats if it was me. What brand of formula are you using? I was told that different brands suit different babies. Sma seemed to give my son worse constipation wle found aptimil the best. I know they do a comfort one which is supposed to help colic and constipation which might be worth a try?
Sorry not that helpful really sad x

Bonkerz Sun 07-Aug-11 21:48:13

Have you considered it could be colic? My DS was the same as this and we bought some MAM anti colic and some dr browns bottles. Not looked back ever since. Expensive but fantastic!!!!!

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