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illness and bfing

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Whyriskit Thu 04-Aug-11 17:02:27

DS2 (11.5 months) is under the weather - temp, snotty nose, just not feeling right. DH has a nasty cold too, so thinking that's what DS2 has.
He's completely refusing boob today, getting very upset when I try to feed him. He's been at childminder/nursery since I went back to work (2 days a week) nearly 2 months ago, and takes a bottle there, so I tried him with one today as I was worried about his fluid intake, and he took about 3 oz.
Really, I'm just glad he took something, but I'm a bit sad that it was bottle and not boob. And of course, part of me is now thinking that this is the beginning of the end...
Any advice?

RufflesKerfluffles Thu 04-Aug-11 17:12:14

Could his ears be sore, which might make it uncomfortable to feed? Or even, if his nose is blocked, might he be struggling to breathe and feed at the same time?

EauRouge Thu 04-Aug-11 17:12:25

Is he teething? It might be more painful for him to latch on than take a bottle. I would just keep offering but try not to stress over it. Maybe somewhere relaxing like in the bath or in bed would be a good place to try. It's pretty much unheard of for a child that young to self-wean so if you do want to carry on then I'm sure things will pick up.

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