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My 7 week old has tongue tie - any advice welcome. Also has anyone been to Russell Hall Hospital.

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PrisonerZero Thu 04-Aug-11 14:47:08

I noticed it yesterday when he was crying, his tongue is more or a heart shape rather than round and the piece of skin that attaches the tongue to the bottom of the mouth is quite far forward. Took him to see the health visitor this morning and she confirmed it.

She has given me a number for a hospital that deals with tongue tie (Russell Hall Hospital - Jenny Sutherland if anyones heard of her?) and I have left a message for her asking her to call me.

He now weighs 10lb 1oz - he was last weighed 5 weeks ago and was 7lb 15oz, he has dropped on his weight chart but the health visitor said she wasn't to concerned.

He feeds a lot, every couple of hours day and night - sometimes more often. The health visitor thinks that he isn't feeding as effectivily as he could be (due to the tongue tie) so is never fully satisfied. He also takes in a lot of wind and it makes him really grouchy and uncomfortable. He also doesn't sleep very often and spends alot of time unsettled. He can be fussy when feeding and my nipples can be quite sore as he chews with him gums sometimes rather than suck.

I think my milk supply is dwindiling, my breasts never feel full.

I've read a bit about tongue tie and the treatment. It sounds so painful! Alot of places seem to do it without pain relief?? Is it worth getting it done?

Any advice would be welcome.

MsKipsy Thu 04-Aug-11 15:15:55

Hi, my sister-in-law's 1st son had this but it wasn't diagnosed til he was well over 6 months. They had a really hard time, he lost loads of weight but once he was treated things quickly got better. I don't think the cut to the underside of the tongue hurt much and heals very quickly as it is in the mouth. They had to reteach him how to feed, solids as well as breast, but it didn't take long and the turn around was amazing! You wouldn't know it was the same child, he had been so unhappy/grizzly, I guess he was always hungry and it was really hard to feed, but afterwards he really settled. He's nearly 3 now and is a really confident talker, so no worries there! Having the treatment was definitely the right thing for their son. Good luck, hope this has helped.

iloveholidays Thu 04-Aug-11 15:31:06

Both my DD's had tongue tied, both had the snip on Day 3 (coincidence - wouldn't leave the hospital until it was done).

Personally I would say have it done... it can cause speech problems if its not treated and feeding will improve.

It sounds awful, but neither of my DDs were crying when they came back. The consultant took each one away to do the snip and by the time I'd got myself ready to feed they were back (literally 2-3 minutes). Took out the cotton wool and latched on SO much better. No tears... it never even entered my head to not have it done, after spending 48 hours trying to get DD1 to latch on I was willing to try anything and it worked. Had exactly the same with DD2 (now 4.5 months).

I honestly believe its like a few seconds of pain for a lot of benefits... similar to jabs!

What are your reasons for not doing it?

iloveholidays Thu 04-Aug-11 15:33:57

Also, I think I've read somewhere (although not 100%) that the nerve endings on the tongue tie get bigger (for want of a better word) as the baby gets older which is why they can only do it easily up to 3 months or so... after that they would need to have a general anaesthetic - sounds much more horrendous to me.

PrisonerZero Thu 04-Aug-11 15:59:22

I'm worried about it hurting him, as daft as it sounds I don't want him to think I have taken him somewhere bad and I don't want him to be upset. I have just spoken to the lady on the phone and we have to go and get it done on the 10th - the same day as his first lot of jabs so it wont be a nice day at all for him sad

MigGril Thu 04-Aug-11 16:57:22

You mite find this artical a usefull ready

Incapinka Thu 04-Aug-11 18:58:21

Hi. The fabulous MW noticed my son had Tongue tie when he was born and it was snipped 9 hours later whilst I held him. I am sure it's probably a but different as he was so young but he cried for about half a second and then distracted himself by being able to waggle his Tongue and then start feeding which he couldn't do before. Personally I would go for it. Good luck

AJH2007 Thu 04-Aug-11 19:08:56

We had our DS's mild tongue tie snipped when he was two weeks old; he was and remains a nipple feeder but I think is taking in more milk (has gained a pound and a half in the subsequent two weeks) and bf'ing is much less painful. I started a thread here too and was advised to go for it. He cried for about five seconds and then started to feed and was fine. It was much worse for me than for him! Good luck.

RitaMorgan Thu 04-Aug-11 19:13:19

I had my ds's snipped at 3 weeks - he barely noticed really, cried for a few seconds then went back to sleep. He lay on DP's lap and the doctor just snipped the tie with some scissors, it only took seconds.

If you end up having to have it done when they are older they do it under GA, which is obviously risky in itself. Better to have it done now imo.

mymumdom Thu 04-Aug-11 19:21:12

I have had 4 TT babies, and breast fed all of them without having them snipped. They have all since broken their ties on their own. However my DH still has his tie, hasn't caused him any problems!

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