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old sma gold vs new sma gold

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Natzer Thu 04-Aug-11 11:07:17

I recently bought a tin of sma gold which was not the new formula, fully in date but just in a shop with a fairly low turnover I suppose. I noticed before that reading about the new formula it said you may note a difference in the consistency of your babies poo (or words to the effect).

Anyhow, my baby has over the past few days or so been quite constipated, she has had plenty of water ( I add about extra 20ml to each bottle) and she is still straining alot and not producing anything.

Does anyone know whether the new sma is supposed to make stools looser, If so I may have to cut my losses and throw this tin away and buy a new one.

tiktok Thu 04-Aug-11 12:56:07

This would be a good question to ask the SMA consumer advice line, I think - the number will be on the pack (it should be free of charge).

You should also check about the additional water - it's not usually advisable to add water in this way.

Hope you find what you need.

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