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Breast/Body size/shape after feeding...

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TettyLouBar Wed 03-Aug-11 21:08:21

Hi all,
Just finished feeding DD2 after 6 lovely months. (Fed DD1 aswell for 7 months) and I am trying to remember through fluff that has replaced my brain how long it took for my boobs to settle down and my shape to change.
(With DD1 I didn't shift the final stone until I dropped feeding)

I decided to go for a bra fitting today in M&S as its been about 3-4 weeks since I have completely stopped and she said I should go back in about another 8 weeks as things have a long way to go before it really settles. What were your experience please? I'm now a 36D but was wondering how much that's really going to change?

Bunbaker Wed 03-Aug-11 21:16:42

I went from a 34AA to a 34A when breastfeeding. It didn't take long to go back to an AA and my boobs are the same shape and size they were 30 years ago.

That wasn't much help was it!

TettyLouBar Wed 03-Aug-11 21:18:00

Nope! smile

dietcokeandwine Wed 03-Aug-11 22:13:07

I fed both of mine for a similar period of time, and from what I can remember it was around 6-8 weeks for my body to slim down (like you I don't shed the baby weight properly until I stop feeding). And perhaps another few weeks on top of that before boobs --shrank to nothing--returned to normal.

TettyLouBar Wed 03-Aug-11 22:20:13

LOL, yes, that sounds about right sad my boobs are a sorry sight compared to the "baywatch" look I was rocking a few months ago sad [sigh] never mind, it was all worth it smile

casperella Wed 03-Aug-11 22:23:42

Also like you I couldn't shift the baby weigh until I stopped feeding. The boobs took a couple of months to settle, but stubbornly remained 1 cup size bigger than before, so with 2DCs I went from 34E to 34F/FF. Wish they had "shrunk to nothing"!!

TettyLouBar Thu 04-Aug-11 09:21:13

Yes, they do seem to stay larger with some people don't they. I'm not convinced mine will shrink anymore now. The lady in M&S was adamant that I don't splash out on too many nice expensive bras as things would settle much more in a few weeks but I seem to remember with DD1 that my boobs settled quite quickly. God I wish I could remember more! My brain is frazzled!

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