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10 week old losing weight not interested in feeding and won't take bottle

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Merlion Wed 03-Aug-11 11:05:16

Dd is 10 wks tomorrow has been ebf and feeding was going ok she has always fed very quickly and weight gain ok. She became fussy and refluxy around 4 weeks but following me cutting out dairy she's been better. She had a terrible night sunday where she basically refused feeds and since then has had 2 very sleepy days where she just doesn't seem interested in feeding and will take a mouthful and fall asleep again. We are trying to introduce a bottle as I am going back to work at 5 months but she won't take more than about 50 mls. Am getting desperate as ds would never take a bottle and ended up reverse cycling and I fed him till 17 months but this time I really don't want to do the same. I took her to see the gp yesterday as she was so sleepy but he couldn't find anything wrong other than the weight going down. I can't make her feed no matter how many times I offer the breast so no idea what to do.

Yesmynameis Wed 03-Aug-11 11:16:03

Ok, leaving aside the issue of the bottle just now.

You say she takes a mouthful of bm and falls asleep. How many times has she done this in say the last 24 hours? Is she still weeing as much as usual? How long has she been losing weight?

Did the gp give no guidance at all? Sounds a bit rubbish to me... If it were me and she is still no better than yesterday and still not feeding properly I would be taking her straight back again. Can you ask to see a different GP?

tiktok Wed 03-Aug-11 11:18:24

Merlion, it's dismaying your GP did not take this seriously. A baby actively losing weight and finding it hard to stay awake and refusing feeds needs medical attention - it does not matter if he can't find anything wrong 'other than the weight going down' (WTF???) - this is not the sign of a healthy baby.

It could be a mild bug your baby will recover from without intervention but it makes sense to seek another opinion - can you call your HV? Maybe see another GP?

I think this is quite urgent.

Merlion Wed 03-Aug-11 11:29:40

Weight loss has been in the last week as she had jabs last wednesday. In the last 24 hours I'd say she has had 4 ok feeds and the rest she's fallen asleep. The doctor didn't really suggest much as no signs of dehydration her urine is still clear and reasonably heavy nappies.

tiktok Wed 03-Aug-11 11:35:12

Oh, well, that's all right then....hmm

Seriously, if you are worried, seek further informed advice. No one on a talk board is going to be able to diagnose, reassure, or say anything other than what we've said.

Jabs don't make a baby lose weight. 4 feeds is not enough for a baby of 10 weeks. Healthy babies don't sleep all the time and refuse feeds.

All that is common sense - at the risk of repeating, it may be your dd is a bit off colour and will recover just fine, as babies often do, and it may be the weight loss was not serious (sometimes, scales can be inaccurate, anyway). But there are still enough ????? to make a call to the HV worthwhile, IMO.

Merlion Wed 03-Aug-11 11:35:52

Tiktok thanks am overseas so no hv's other option is to take her to her pediatrician tomorrow if I can get an appointment.

Merlion Wed 03-Aug-11 11:41:08

Also I meant having the jabs is how I knew she'd lost weight as she was weighed on the same scales in the same state

tiktok Wed 03-Aug-11 11:46:19

Ah, I see about the jabs thing, sorry.

Hope you get some decent information and support and that your dd picks up.

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