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Does this sound like thrush?

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kiwidreamer Tue 02-Aug-11 14:09:19

DD is 10wks old, we are exclusively breastfeeding, my let down has always been pretty intense with her (letdown wasnt nearly as strong with my now 3yr old when he was bf'd) but in the past two weeks Ive been getting a deep aching type of pain in the breast oposite to the one I'm feeding from (so moves from side to side) at the start of a feed, not for long 15/20/30seconds or so and then it subsides.

DD might have a slight bit of whiteness on her tounge but I think she's pretty much always had that?? Seems to be less white when she wakes up (ie ages since a feed).

I feel well, my girly bits are fine, no itching anywhere, nipples are normal colour / not cracked / no discharge or anything. Just this deep pain which is quite sore. Just thinking about it I dont think I recall the pain when feeding in bed lying down... makes me wonder about latch but I know when the latch is bad as different kind of pain, sharp usually.

Any ideas??

RitaMorgan Tue 02-Aug-11 14:12:22

Sounds like your letdown - I felt the letdown really painfully in the opposite breast I was feeding from too, and it only seemed to happen after the first few weeks.

White coating on the tongue is probably just milk residue.

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