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bottles recommendations for breast fed babies

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nello Mon 01-Aug-11 16:47:09

my 5 month old has been exclusively breast fed although has also used a bottle with expressed milk at times. We have been using Avent, however she can take up to an hour to take 6 ounces and often gives up at 3 or 4 ounces which i have been told is not enough for her. Once we start weaning I am gradually going to be moving over to formula milk so we will be using bottles more frequently. I don't fancy spending so long on each feed and was wondering if there are any bottles that she may find easier? Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, can I move over to use a cup with free flow spout?

thanks for your help.

RitaMorgan Mon 01-Aug-11 19:12:59

6oz is a large amount for a breastfeed baby to take in one go - a typical feed is more like 3oz. Who told you it isn't enough for her?

I'd probably just go with a cup at this age. From 6 months they need about 20oz formula a day.

4madboys Mon 01-Aug-11 19:17:05

what rita said, 6oz is a lot, my dd was formula fed from 3mths and only occasionally took 6oz, now she is on solids as well she generally has 4oz, occasionally 5oz and sometimes only 2 or 3oz.

my elder 3 were all totally bfed and wouldnt take a bottle, but they did have expressed milk in a cup, but only ever a couple of oz.

i just used the tommee tippee free flow spout cups they are only about £2 and very easy for baby to drink from smile

4madboys Mon 01-Aug-11 19:17:44

and that 20oz of formula a day can be included in their food, so porridge and also you can count cheese and yog towards their daily total smile

nello Mon 01-Aug-11 20:59:43

thanks. Our doctor told me that she should drink her kg weight in ounces at each feed, and she is about this not right?

also, when I move her on to solids do I keep her 4 hourly milk feeds as well as the solids and should I giver her water asell? getting all confused!

thank you!

RitaMorgan Mon 01-Aug-11 21:07:55

Maybe he is confusing breastmilk with formula, but that still sounds like odd reckoning!

Breastfed babies average about 25oz a day between 1-6 months - the fat content of breastmilk changes with time so they don't need to up to volume like formula fed babies do.

To get a rough idea of how much formula a baby needs before 6 months, multiply their weight in lbs by 2.5 to get oz of milk per day. So a 10lb baby would have around 25oz a day.

When you introduce solids, try offering a meal about an hour after a milk feed - so if they have a bottle/breastfeed at 7am, offer breakfast at 8am. They will cut down on milk feeds in their own time. You can offer a few sips of water from a cup alongside meals.

Tidypidy Mon 01-Aug-11 21:09:44

I used tommee tippee closer to nature bottles and the cheap tommee tippee flip top cups with my two to combine breast and formula milk, my daughter wasn't too keen at first so spoon fed some formula first then got my mum to give her a bottle while I went to different part of house. Also, I didn't realise there were different teats for faster flow until my cousin enlightened me! Could a faster teat help? I found with both of my kids that they gradually weaned themselves off the 4 hourly feeds as they had more to eat, I always offered water in a cup with the solids. Good luck with it all.

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