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5 month old suddenly gone off feeding (bottle)

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Cerubina Mon 01-Aug-11 13:20:57

I've got 5 month old twins, born 8 weeks early so for many things they're measured against corrected age of 3 months.

My daughter has been a really good feeder but just recently has started feeding very poorly. She's on 6 feeds a day to total around 950mls. At the start of the feed she seems enthusiastic, but generally pulls away after about 100mls and then it's very, very difficult or impossible to get her to take more. She still readily accepts the bottle in her mouth, but makes her tongue flat or floppy and won't suck. She also seems easily distracted and will turn her head away to look at something else.

Has anyone got any bright ideas what could be the cause of this, or techniques to help? She had a cold 10 days ago but didn't seem particularly ill with it. She has been on formula only since about 12 weeks of age, we haven't changed the milk or the bottles - have just increased teat size to no 3 in the hopes that faster flow will allow more in before she refuses, in case sucking was tiring her out.

Her brother, in contrast, finishes his bottle almost every time and is very straightforward. I can't help comparing them and worrying that she'll fall behind and lose weight if she keeps this up. Any help gratefully received!

newmum001 Mon 01-Aug-11 13:49:25

Could she be teething? My DD goes off her bottles when she's teething. She'll start off fine but will just have enough to take the edge off hunger and then won't have anymore, it must be quite painful sucking when gums are hurting.

She's also easily distracted and always has been. Taking her into a quiet room usually helps but not always and if there is another person in the house she won't have a bottle at all. I used to get quite stressed about it when she was younger (she's 10 months now) but after I while I just accepted that if something was going on around her then chances were she wouldn't have her bottle! Have you tried it in a free flow beaker? It sometimes worked with my DD.

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