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Straining and wind in 2 month old

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Booboostoo Mon 01-Aug-11 10:11:21

(Apologies if this is the wrong topic for this thread - if you point me in the right direction I will re-post)

DD is now 2 months old and for the past week her habits have changed. She is breastfed and is gaining (a lot of) weight. Up until the last week she would feed, burp and go to sleep fairly unproblematicallly. She would feed often (10 times a day) so she wouldn't sleep very long, but she was very settled when she slept and even managed 4 hour sleeps on rare ocassions.

For the last week she has been eating a lot more (last night she spent 3.5 hours eating with little breaks and I am sure she was eating because she was swallowing and when removed from the breast there was milk everywhere!), passing a lot fewer poohs (from many small ones through out the day, to one massive one just once a day), and straining a lot for wind. So now after a feed she spends her time straining and passing wind. She winges, moves around and is unsettled. At times she will also cry but tends to stop that when I pick her up. All this means that I am no getting no sleep whatsoever!! She is still urinating a lot.

Nothing has changed in my diet, but what have I done wrong and how do I get my 'old' baby back??!! I thought sleep at two hourly intervals was bad but this is a lot worse!

Albrecht Mon 01-Aug-11 12:15:37

Doesn't sound like you have done anything wrong. They change their habits all the time, the poo thing especially is normal in bf babies around this age. And as they get older and stronger they are able to move about more. Not sure about the straining.

It may be a growth spurt or she's feeling a bit unwell. I'd just feed her as often as she wants it and hopefully it will pass. Get some extra rest when you can eg if you have a partner you get a lie in or a family member take them for a walk so you can nap.

Booboostoo Mon 01-Aug-11 12:34:39

Thanks! I have an appointment with my lactation specialist tomorrow and DD is also due for first vacs on Wednesday so I can ask the doctor as well, but to be honest I am finding this forum and on-line resources (esp Kellymom) to be more knowledgeable (how depressing is that!).

Unfortunately OH is very poorly, he has a very painful 6 week recovery from an op, so although he tries to help, he is very limited, and family are two countries away, so I am left holding the fort!

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