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mixing two lots of EBM?

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pinkgirlythoughts Mon 01-Aug-11 08:49:19

I'm leaving DS, 10 weeks, with my mum for a couple of hours later while I go to the doctors, and want to leave an expressed bottle just in case. I only managed to get just over an ounce last night, and am going to have another go in a bit. Is it okay for me to mix last night's milk (has been in a sealed container in the fridge overnight) with this morning's?

Albrecht Mon 01-Aug-11 09:28:52

Yes lots of women can't express enough in one session for a whole feed.

I think La Leche advise you chill the second lot of milk first so you are adding cold to cold. When your mum takes the feed out of the fridge the fatty part might have separated out so she just needs to swirl it a bit to get it to mix up again (shaking will break up some of the fatty acids). It can be warmed by running bottle under a hot tap.

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