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11 month old not finishing bedtime bottle but then waking in the night

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Pfriend Sun 31-Jul-11 21:33:35

My 11 month old has recently started making the bedtime bottle into a game, and rather than drinking it as he would normally, he drinks about 4-5 oz and then sits up, starts looking around for something to do and refuses to have any more. His favourite game is to start grabbing and playing with the teat, whch he finds hilarious! This would all be fine, but because he isn't finishing his bottle he now wakes in the night, demanding milk!
He eats well in the day, in fact I was wondering whether he was eating too well, so he wasn't hungry for his milk? Has tea between 4.30-5:15 usually, with bedtime bottle at 7. Any ideas?

LeggyBlondeNE Mon 01-Aug-11 13:31:45

My baby started doing that with her bedtime breastfeed at about 10 months. I changed so that the room was darker and we sat in the rocking chair; once she pulls off (if it's after more than 5 minutes) I go straight to standing up and rocking, patting and shushing without letting her play around. I think she's just not finding feeding as soporific as she used to and, like yours is not as hungry although she has her tea a bit nearer bedtime than him. The end result is that bedtime routine is much shorter so I'm perfectly happy with it this way!

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