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Please help - thrush, cracked nipple & BF

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Trillian42 Sun 31-Jul-11 10:24:57

First off, DD is 13.5mths so we're not dealing with a newborn. Was diagnosed with thrush last Monday though had self diagnosed on Saturday and started with Daktarin cream. Was prescribed Fluconazole 50mg/day and I've now finished that. The sharp, lancing pains have largely subsided, but I still have a very bad cracked nipple. Woke up with some blood and pus on my bra (sorry if TMI!) after a bad night with DD feeding all night.

I read the literature Kellymom links to and this article says that I should have been given a much higher dose of fluconazole. It's a bank holiday here tomorrow, so the earliest I can visit my GP is Tues and I'm unlikely to get an appointment until the afternoon, or more likely Wed by which time I'm worried the thrush will be flourishing again. DD's mouth is clear since Monday (she was treated with Mycostatin since Sat).

I have a family member who is a GP who I could ask as I'll be seeing her today anyway. It'll be a little awkward so my question is, how do you know if the thrush has gone? Is it possible that it's gone, and the pain is now solely due to the cracked nipple? Should I stop feeding DD on that side to give it a chance to heal? DD is BF at night only so I have until 7pm tonight before I have to feed her (thankfully). The GP I'm seeing later doesn't know a huge amount about thrush and I'll have to show her articles to explain about the treatment, which I'm sure she'll love ("Oh hi, I'm not saying you don't know your job, but here's something I read on the Internet that is more correct"!!!)

PS I know how incredibly lucky I am to only be dealing with this at 13.5 months. My thoughts are with all the new mothers who have to deal with this at the same time as trying to get BF established.

TittyBojangles Sun 31-Jul-11 10:39:18

Not much help here, but I THINK you can buy fluconazole over the counter (although only 1 tablet I think), and not sure about the dose, but if you could work it out then maybe you could take that until you can get to the Docs during the week if your family member GP can't help?

Just had a look and Boots sell it, Canesten, 150mg 1 tablet. But £10.99 shock

Trillian42 Sun 31-Jul-11 11:47:17

Many thanks for the reply. I'm in Ireland and unfortunately it isn't over the counter here sad

Loopymumsy Sun 31-Jul-11 12:36:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Trillian42 Sun 31-Jul-11 16:23:09

I was trying to keep it dry as I understand thrush flourishes in moist conditions but as it's not working, I'll give your suggestion a go!

Any one have any thought on whether I should bother my relative?

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