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BF Support in the Wigan/Leigh area?

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TryingToHelpAFriend Sun 31-Jul-11 09:53:03

Posting to try and help a friend who is struggling a bit with bf her new DS. I have been offering some advice via text etc and planning to go and see her next week to try and offer some more help (don't live all that near).

I have suggested she find a bf group near her if there are any, thought I would ask on here to see if anyone knows of any. Or is there a decent lactation consultant/infant feeding specialist etc in the area (not private).

I will try and find the bf support network/lll/nct etc helplines too. And of course she knows about here and kellymom etc but it's so hard finding the time to look up help when you are dealing with a newborn.

Off to do some tinternet searching myself now, but if anyone knows of anything that would be great.

Albrecht Sun 31-Jul-11 21:17:56

Sorry don't know that area but you can search for groups by postcode here.

Shame her midwife hasn't given her this info.

Kitkate78 Mon 01-Aug-11 03:44:50

There are several bf support groups in the Wigan area which can be found here:

Hope that helps!

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