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Breastfeeding and restless leg syndrome

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rooks14 Sun 31-Jul-11 02:17:13

I'm due with my first baby on wednesday. I can't see any medical reason why I can't breast feed so I obviously want to if I can...

The only big negative for me at the moment is how bad my restless legs are. I suffered pre-pregnancy with it, so its not something that is just going to go away like a lot of pregnancy things. Anyone that suffers as badly as me probably reacted in the same way when the GP told me all you can do during pregnancy is "have a bath, get DP to rub them and stretch your legs!" For me, anyone touching them makes me feel as though they're knotting up my veins (weird I know!) and a bath does nothing. As a result i'm sleep deprived (it's 2:06 am!!) and so fed up and frustrated!

Is there anyone out there breastfeeding and on any sort of safe medication to treat it?

EauRouge Sun 31-Jul-11 10:09:24

You poor thing, I had it really bad both times I was pregnant (well, it was restless arms for me). I found taking spatone helped, although it may have just been a coincidence. Low iron levels have been linked to restless leg but I'm not sure if any extensive research has been done. Still, it's only £7 and perfectly safe to take while BF so you may as well give it a go!

If you want to look into medication then ask your GP what they would normally prescribe and then find someone with a copy of Dr Hale (you could try the hospital infant feeding co-ordinator or your local LLL group. The book has loads of info on drugs and BF, much more so than your GP or pharmacist will have.

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