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fussing on bottle as if in pain....but seems otherwise ok?

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bootus Sat 30-Jul-11 09:34:43

Not sure if its related but my 20 week old had 3rd immunisations last week and is now being a nightmare on the bottle (he was breastfed until a few weeks ago). He was previously drinking 6oz every 3hrs but we are struggling to get 3oz down him. He is fussing, pulling off and crying, dribbling the milk out and so on. Older Ds and I have had sore throat/cold thing doing the rounds but apart from the feeding fussing bubba seems well; he is a contented wee boy. I think he is suffering with mild reflux, his brother had it though was never medicated for it, does anyone know if this is an especially bad age for symptoms? I've tried everything else...feeding in a quiet room, using the next teat up, adjusting the temp of the milk....Thankyou.

yumcha888 Sat 30-Jul-11 10:02:51

Mine is the same! My DS is also 20 weeks and started fussing on the bottle about 2 weeks ago (before his 3rd immunisations). We're doing a mix of boob and bottle and he is also massively distracted when on boob (cue squirty milk everywhere). I think he's just more interested in the world and likes to look around all the time and also his gums are swelling a little so he prefers to chew his bottle instead of sucking it. I'm still making my DH do a bottle feed but it just takes a lot longer, is a lot messier and is generally a bit of a fight.

This has all coincided with my DS gaining a load of weight so he's getting calories from idea where as he seems to be eating so much less. I'm just going to keep an eye on his weight and perhaps this little phase will pass....

bootus Sat 30-Jul-11 11:06:42

Thanks for replying yumcha. Maybe its just a developmental thing then....? If I even attempt to put him on the boob he just spends the whole time looking up at me and grinning, plus I have so little milk its probably just a waste of time. He is following his weight centile line well but I'm worried he won't if this carries on.....Thankyou again though!

yumcha888 Sat 30-Jul-11 12:41:40

My DS does that too! He has my boob in his mouth and just lies there grinning at me. It's so cute! (sorry, having a thank-god-my-baby-is-normal-moment)

I just wanted to tell you that I remember reading somewhere that teething makes gums hurt when babies suck (might have to do some googling to confirm) so I've made a mental note to get a fast drip bottle or a cup if he does lose weight.

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