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blood in stools!! 5.5 mth EBF but started weaning a week ago

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valentinemum10 Sat 30-Jul-11 01:47:50

i just got a bit freaked out. ive just fed her and usually goes back to sleep. but something was obviously bothering her and she was rolling and squealing and i heard her do a massive poo and doesn't usually poo at night, not this late. she poos every couple of days and they are hefty runny ones. so while i was trying to get a nappy on her she did some more poo but it was more mucousy with streaks of blood.
what could this be. im worried.
last week i started giving her tiny amounts of babyrice and today she played around with a bit of rusk and tried a bit too. shes 2 weeks from weaning but shes teething & thought a bit of babyrice is ok as she wakes every 3 hours for a feed but its not making her sleep longer.
maybe its too early for her stomach all this rice and rusk stuff?

notsuchayummymummy Sat 30-Jul-11 19:17:29

I would contact the out of hours GP.

Hope shes ok x

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