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3 week old will not latch back on after break but screams with hunger

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TransatlanticCityGirl Fri 29-Jul-11 21:51:36

My 3 week old DD has no trouble latching on at the start of a feed. Normally, she drinks for a good 10 minutes before taking her first break, and she might go back on for another 5 minutes. Then it all goes pear shaped...

Suddenly she starts bopping her head on and off the breast. It looks like she is ravenous - she makes piggy noises, gets a look of fierce determination in her eyes, gets the nipple in her mouth... then lets go and bops off and on.

Sometimes I find burping her helps, or changing breasts (even if the first one is still fairly full). But other times I cannot figure out what is wrong... I try changing her nappy, taking a play break, removing a layer of clothes if I think she might be warm, changing her position... and nothing works.

It's so frustrating because she's crying as if she is starving (and rooting around, making all the 'i'm hungry' signs) but she won't drink.

Any ideas?

Maternelle Fri 29-Jul-11 21:55:15

Mine does this when she needs a burp.

Mampig Fri 29-Jul-11 23:08:52

You could be me writing this!! My ds is 4 weeks and does the same thing- usually at evening time but can be around lunch time too. It really frustrated me for a while then I gave him a dummy when he did this. It worked! He now settles for a while, might have a short doze and then I put him back on about 15 mins later and all is well again. It could be wind or personally for my situation I think my milk slows down and needs to build up pressure again hmm. I've tried breast compression but it doesn't really work for me or him and it stresses me out. Last night I got dh to take him out for walk for half hour which really helped us both! Just some things that work for me. He still does seem hungry at these times but you can't force then to latch sad. As I said I always put him back a short while later and he's happy to feed again grin

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