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Wants to hear from those taking acidophillus caps for thrush...

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BettyBum Fri 29-Jul-11 13:46:50

...Did you find it had any effect on baby, ie being more windy or unsettled? Just wondering as I have bought some, not taken it yet, as when I tried yakult it seemed to make DS unsettled. However this could be in my imagination!

curlykate99 Fri 29-Jul-11 14:24:22

I'm taking them and haven't noticed any extra wind, poo has gone slightly more brown but that may just be a coincidence, dunno. Does it actually get into the breast milk??!

Its a real bugger this thrush isnt it, if you find anything else that helps please let me know because Ive been trying everything to get rid of it for about 10 weeks now grin(

curlykate99 Fri 29-Jul-11 14:25:40

That was supposed to be a sad obviously

BettyBum Fri 29-Jul-11 16:53:06

It does get into milk but the lady in the health shop I bought mine from said that you can treat babies with pro biotics anyway so perfectly safe.

Just all the normal stuff like washing on 60 degrees, changing breast pads regularly and stuff. Have you been taking fluconazole?

curlykate99 Fri 29-Jul-11 18:54:07

Yep, been doing all that, on my second (longer) course of fluconazole at the mo, keeping my fingers crossed!!

BettyBum Fri 29-Jul-11 21:26:56

I know what you mean, its very frustrating! I wonder if lots of rest would shift it, obviously something that us new mums can't get! I didn't get it with my daughter, I only had her so I used to sleep a lot when she did. Now I have her to look after too, I can't do that! I feel so run down.

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