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Breastfeeding and weight loss

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wellamI1981 Thu 28-Jul-11 16:09:16

So I know most people would scream at me for this but I am genuinely worried. I'm EBF my DS who is now 4 months. Up till now I've carried around some pregnancy weight but all of a sudden it's started to rapidly drop off. Is it normal for the weight to stay, stay, stay and then go all of a sudden? The reason for my concern is the last time I lost loads of weight I was diagnosed with a serious illness and i'd been all smug thinking my motabilism had suddenly improved hmm. Is it the BFing?

wellamI1981 Thu 28-Jul-11 16:14:37

Oh and I should mention I'm eating like an absolute pig.

faverolles Thu 28-Jul-11 16:19:09

How rapidly?

I would probably go and see your gp for peace of mind.

I got to about 4/5 months and stopped craving chocolate and cake, so my weight evened out a bit, so I suppose it could be something like that.

narmada Thu 28-Jul-11 16:21:45

Given your history, I would go to the GP. Thyroid issues are more common after preg, so they may want to check for that. Hyperthyroidism can make you eat like a pig and shed weight.

Trillian42 Thu 28-Jul-11 21:37:50

I lost weight consistently (if too quickly) after DD arrived so if I were you, I'd head along to your GP and get some tests so you can be sure it's the BFing. Good luck smile

itsnotpossibleisit Thu 28-Jul-11 22:17:59

I was exactly the same than you. Didn't lose almost any weight till DD was 4 months old and suddenly I started to lose a lot. They did all tests on my and everything was ok. Now still breastfeeding but not everyday (it maybe coming to an end at least grin), DD is 24 months next week and I weight less than before I was pregnant. To be honest I do not remember being this light before in my life. However having your past experience I would go to the doctors just to be in the safe side. But if everything is ok and you are happy with your weight just go and buy new clothes smile

wellamI1981 Thu 28-Jul-11 22:51:39

Thanks for your comments. I'm sure in the recesses of my brain I remember reading somewhere that BF changes somehow at around 4 months (operated by a diff system in the body?) and I thought maybe that could be to do with it?

madmomma Fri 29-Jul-11 01:44:51

My normal weight before pregnancy was 11 1/2 stone, put on 2 stone in pregnancy with DD1, lost very little for 4 months then disappeared - despite eating like a pig! I remember weighing myself on her first birthday and being 7st 12lb. (I was still bfeeding). Everyone was convinced I had an eating disorder but I was fine: I had a good appetite and no issues whatsoever with food. I stayed slim for years then, until eventually I crept back up to 11 1/2 stone again and stayed there. I'm now pregnant & really hoping it happens again! The same happened to my Mum when she had me, and there was nothing wrong with her either.

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