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Weaning from the breast...

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Dozeyland Thu 28-Jul-11 10:24:19

What in your opinion has been the best way to wean from breastfeeding?

I am still happily breast-feeding my 9month old girl, but just wondering how is the best way to go about weaning eventually?

She has food and water along with milk too.


How would i tackle this when i fall pregnant with DC2 and that baby will need feeding, other than tandem feeding?

MigGril Thu 28-Jul-11 13:20:50

I guess that depends on how long you are happy to feed for. Toddles/small children will self wean when ready you don't need to force it. Nartual weaning is a slow process with a child offten feeding for a few days then having breaks of days/weeks then coming back to the breast.

If you would like to wean eairel then that there are gental way's to wean. Ovuisly if you wean before 12months you will need to suppliment with formula as babies main diet should be milk untill at lest 12months. If you wait till 12months you can just give cows milk instead.

A lot of mum's go down the don't offer don't refusses route initialy, then you can start offering snack's/drink or distraction espicaly once past 12months. If you get pregnant while still feeding you can carry on feeding, but some womens milk dry's up towards the middle of pregnacy. I used this as an opertunity to wean DD but she was almost 3years so i didn't need to suppliment with formula or anyting else at the time. Other's carry on right through pregnacy and tandem feed, which I think I would have done if DD had been younger.

There is some good infor hear on weaning

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