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Any experience of motilium/domperidone?

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AJH2007 Wed 27-Jul-11 17:58:21

Hi, I have been struggling to feed my 2 week 5 day old son since he arrived, due to poor latch, possibly minor Tongue tie (which we has snipped last Friday) and stress, which killed my appetite completely and knocked on to limit my milk supply. I've been taking 3x3 fenugreek a day but if anything my milk continues to decrease - I've gone from being able to express maybe 40ml to a few drops if that, and I don't want to give any more formula than I already am (about 150ml a day) as it makes me cry every time. An obstetrician and a lactation consultant have both recommended trying motilium to increase supply, which I'm starting today. Just wondering if it has worked for anyone else? Sorry for rambling. Thanks for an replies.

vintageteacups Wed 27-Jul-11 18:23:51

I know that it worked for a mum with twins I know. It massively increased her supply.

The side effect of Motilium is that it increases milk supply and from what I've seen, works more effectively than just fenugreek.

Are you expressing still because your ds still cannot drink from you himself or to see how much you're producing? I would try to feed him yourslef as much as you can because expressing isn't as effective as him drawing milk from your breast.

narmada Wed 27-Jul-11 20:04:11

Honestly, don't blame yourself OP - being stressed and not eating won't have impacted your milk supply: the body prioritises milk production over everything else. Stress can inhibit letdown but doesn't make you make less milk, unless it's very, very extreme IIRC.

It's good you've seen a lactation consultant. What advice did she give other than the domperidone?

I've taken domperidone for increasing milk supply in the past and it seemed to work very well. It did give me slight diarrhea I have to say, but it was completely tolerable and the results are worth it. I seem to remember I took it in quite high doses - higher than the usual dose for increasing gastric motility, at any rate.

AJH2007 Wed 27-Jul-11 21:45:13

When I first saw the LC my nipples were bleeding from the first few days of trying to feed so she gave advice to express and give myself a break from feeding for 12 hours or so, then to improve the latch but continue to try to express after/between feeds. As he's already had to take a bottle my mum is giving him the late night feed so I can try to get one block of 3-4 hours sleep per day, so if I can express to make up part of that feed I do.
Then I saw my NCT bf counsellor - also a LC - and she diagnosed and snipped the tongue tie. Also gave more advice re latching as I struggle on the right - the nipple takes up his whole mouth and I find it near impossible to get him to take any of the areola.
I don't think the fenugreek has done all that much so now giving the motilium a go... Am desperate to bf exclusively if I can... I do feed him every feed but one myself during the day/night - he takes up to 90 minutes to feed, then sleeps for max two hours. I also let him nuzzle on the nipple for comfort when he wants and he sleeps on my chest.
Thanks for your input.

mummyosaurus Wed 27-Jul-11 21:55:36

I took domperidone and it definitely helped.

And fenugreek and ate raw fennel and fennel tea.

And I did acupuncture and homoeopathic remedies, And cranial ostepathey (for the baby). This really helped with DD who would not latch on the right prior to the treatment.

Best of luck.

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