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formula feeding on a plane?

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Timeoutofmind Tue 26-Jul-11 21:40:46

When we go on hols I was thinking of taking some SMA ready made cartons on the plane. My question is, will they allow me to take it on? And will they warm it up for me?

Also was going to.take my 8mo a snack on the plane, will that be allowed?

headfairy Tue 26-Jul-11 21:43:29

You won't be allowed to take the cartons on I think (been a long time since I flew) but you can buy them airside. Usually they're happy to give you some hot water to stand it in to warm it up. Snacks are fine so long as they're not liquid like those ella's pouches or yoghurt.

Ripeberry Tue 26-Jul-11 21:48:24

Why not just bring sterile bottles (empty), with powder and just mix them with some cooled water. I'm sure they'll let you do that.

YogaMummy2B Tue 26-Jul-11 21:49:08

Hi, I've just been in this situation last week & I took 3 cartons through on the way there & back. On the way out I was asked to taste it & then poured straight into a bottle for feeding on plane. On the way back wasn't even asked to open/taste.
The Boots & Superdrug on the airside had loads of cartons of SMA gold anyway, so need not have worried. Also, it was suggested when I posted last week that you can phone ahead & order formula in to the chemist if you are concerned.
But - in short!! Yes you can take it on, not sure about warming as my LO has hers at room temp if I can't warm it.
I'm sure a snack would be permitted too, you will prob just have to taste it if it is puree.

Timeoutofmind Tue 26-Jul-11 21:52:38

I wasn't sure if they'd allow the powder so I thought I'd be better with a sealed carton. Also wasn't sure if they would provide me with some water?

Timeoutofmind Tue 26-Jul-11 21:55:37

Oh thanks yogamummy.

So you brought it from home then or am I best buying it air side?

YogaMummy2B Tue 26-Jul-11 22:33:09

I did both, brought 3 from home for airport incase of delays, just to be totally sure (I'm crazy paranoid and worried that they might not have the cartons even though I phoned and booked them! They had heaps!) Then I bought more on the airside for journey, brought along 5 clean, sterilised bottles.
Best to do it this way IMO as the powder needs water at 70 degrees to ensure any possible nasties in the powder are killed, whereas the cartons are sterile.

PenguinArmy Tue 26-Jul-11 22:59:10

food is fine (I always take loads for me), just normally you have to throw once you reach the other side before customs

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