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Breast rejection - just a phase?

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jasmine51 Tue 26-Jul-11 13:10:50

Is it common for a 5wk old to reject one breast whilst being happy on the other? He is hungry, he latches on enthusiatically for a few seconds then pulls a face and pushes away. On the other breast he is as content as can be. I have expressed from the offending breast and he is fine with the milk from a bottle. This has been going on for 3 days. I have changed positions, checked the nipple for scabs etc - there is nothing there but part of the very end is black - bruised I assume where he has been chewing this nipple.
Is this common and is it just a phase or is there something wrong with my breast?

LaCiccolina Tue 26-Jul-11 14:51:32

Hey, Mine too has a preferred side. I noticed this preference begin and grow from about 4mths. Unsure why but Ive put it down to perhaps the way I hold her when she's on that side. Ive tried replicating it the other way around but without fail she prefers (if push comes to shove) the left hand tit and arm round her to my right side. Also have noticed the milk comes at different speeds in each side, right is faster and harder but seems to run out of puff while left seems slower and more relaxed. Again no idea why but minor differences might be present with you too? Ultimately I just try to always start with the right side, then move to the left after Ive made her have a go....

Seems to work most of the time (now at 7mths) unless she's really desperately intent!

TruthSweet Tue 26-Jul-11 16:52:55

jasmine - is it possible for you to call one of the bfing helplines today about this?

It doesn't sound right (not trying to scare you but it doesn't!) that part of your nipple has gone black so I think speaking with someone well trained in bfing would be a good idea as they will be able to talk through your whole bfing/birth history to see what is up (or direct you to relevant HCP if not).

If you use your landline it should route to the most local bfc on call at the time too.

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