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Expressed milk feeding

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jewel2000 Mon 25-Jul-11 22:22:18

apologies if this has been done before- am a newbie! Just wondering how best to introduce expressed milk in a bottle.

DD is nearly 5 weeks and I've been expressing once a day for the last week and freezing it in the hope of DH being able to offer a feed now and again when he'd like to or when I need to go out for a while.
Is it best for DH to offer a feed at the same time each day, and if so, when? DD isnt in a routine yet but should we try and offer it at the same time each day anyway?
Feeding has gone really well so far and now Im scared of messing up my milk supply or upsetting DD!
Advice welcome!

Paschaelina Mon 25-Jul-11 22:26:44

We did this. For the past several months DH gives the bedtime feed in a bottle, so 7pm. He started (bless him!) by doing the 2am feed, when we were in a schedule of him doing the first half of the night, then me doing the second half, but by about 6 weeks that was unworkable, because he needed to be up at 6am for work. So I persuaded him to try the 10pm dreamfeed, but it woke the Boy up too much. Bedtime was the next one and it worked.

Seriously - He gets to put his Boy to bed, I get to have a hot bath. Win-win grin

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