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sore patch on nipple with 11 month old feels like her teeth are grating me

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Poweredbypepsi Mon 25-Jul-11 20:41:26

My 11 month old feeds maybe times a day the last month or two have been nothing but trouble after a wonderful start with no problems at all until now. I am now 8-9 weeks pregnant so this probably impacts it as well.

Now feeding from one side is really painful. I have a sore patch which looks red raw on one side of my nipple - it feels like her teetch are grating that side really badly as though she is not latched on correctly but no matter how many times we try it doesnt help. She did bite me a few nights ago which seems to have started it off but there was no cut or anything at the time.

Can i just feed from the other side for say 24 hours to give it time to heal? and top her up with cows milk? (she is one next week).

The pregnancy has made me feel quite sore anyway is there anything i can do to ease this and does it continue the whole way through?

fuzzybunny Mon 25-Jul-11 21:15:16

When my DD got teeth I could feel them quite often when feeding her. I tried to feed in as many different positions as possible to not effect one part of my nipple too much which seemed to work.

She bit me a couple of times, this was when teething though and she knew as soon as she did it she shouldn't have.

I was also pregnant again while breastfeeding DD and got more sensitive nipples and started to feel quite drained of energy, this is when I decided to give all my strength to my new baby and stop breastfeeding DD (she was 11 months so went onto formula for around a month and after that full fat milk). It gave me a 6 month break before starting again with DS. I stopped breastfeeding DS about a month ago and he is now on formula and sometimes some cows milk, when my DD wants to share hers (it's his birthday next week also 31st). smile

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